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    Deer Summer Sausage with pics

    NFDM? Non Fat Dairy Milk? I certainly would not have guessed that. How much does one add for the single batch recipe?  Smoked, dried then pulverized. That's a great idea! I assume you split then seed them first before smoking?
  2. stonearcher

    Greetings from the Upper Midwest.

    That's for sure. I've read so much on here. So much. Thanks to this place alone, it's brought my confidence up in outdoor cooking. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved grilling, but now- NOW I'm cookin'!  I absolutely love having a smoker. In the last couple weeks I've managed to smoke salmon...
  3. stonearcher

    Deer Summer Sausage with pics

    First off, I want to say they look great! Somehow I hit a temperature wall around the same as you do.  I just picked up the jalapeño kit. Sounds like it could stand to add a bit more heat? Suggestions on quantity and ingredient? I was thinking of getting some more jalapeños and mincing them up...
  4. stonearcher

    Greetings from the Upper Midwest.

    Thanks again for the warm welcome. This is a great place for a beginner.  Here are a few picts of what Iv'e done so far:
  5. 10943078_10155113501785296_5573509902964324234_n.j


  6. 10940639_10155110283660296_3633805992910408639_n.j


  7. 560210_10155138255845296_3103145585328375741_n.jpg


  8. 10570300_10155106993710296_2555544345456379221_n.j


  9. 10917069_10155106993765296_6356033570309818025_n.j


  10. stonearcher

    anybody buy muttin off the internet

    I use craigslist when I can't find it in my own circles. Of course, I have zero issue slaughtering and butchering in my yard too. I'm not sure I would trust the internet vs a farm that you could go to. Not sure where you are, but: http://bgky.craigslist.org/grd/4823399433.html Hope this...
  11. stonearcher

    I need to build me a butcher shop!

    Whoa! A sub 200#'er and ya had to turn it down for weather! Bummer. I've had to make emergency butchering calls exactly like you stated here in the past. Here's what I do: t-shirt, under armor, flannel or two, carhart bibs, ice kings and a warm chook. The important part however is: white...
  12. Greetings from the Upper Midwest.

    Greetings from the Upper Midwest.

  13. stonearcher

    Greetings from the Upper Midwest.

    Thanks guy, for the warm welcome. I have read like crazy on here; yes, familiar with the search bar. Thanks! This is not the exact smoker I have now. This is the one I unwrapped. She seen that Cabela's had the same smoker but with temp probe for cheaper, so we returned this to Fleet Farm and...
  14. IMG_1342.JPG


  15. stonearcher

    Greetings from the Upper Midwest.

    Hello all. I have been reading and lurking around for quite some time now, anticipating getting a smoker. And recently I did! Great birthday present, by the way! I received a Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite 30". Fired it up, seasoned it and smoked some trout from Lake Michigan in her this past...
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