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  1. russki1313

    MES How to get to temp quickly

    I took like over an hour close to 1.5 hrs to get to about 200F last night. But i then did a reset by pulling the plug and then plugged it in and it went upto 225F. But just as a rule of thumb what times are people getting to get the thing to 225F meat or no meat?
  2. russki1313

    MES How to get to temp quickly

    Hi, I just got the MES and i was wondering how do you guys to 225F quickly. Do you first preheat it? Do you set it for higher than 225 and then turn it down? Mine takes a long time to get to 225 loaded with meat, i tried today because the manual said not to preheat? Please help me and as silly...
  3. russki1313

    How much smoke?

    When i am smoking how much smoke should i be seeing? What color should it be? Does anyone have a good picture of a smoke during its peak/half way point? Thanks for your help guys, Kevin
  4. russki1313

    New to using a propane smoker

    So i am trying my first smoke using propane. My question is should i use charcoal mixed with wood chunks and chips. If so how much? BTW regarding the water pan should i fill it with water or sand or both? Thanks
  5. russki1313

    How to adjust temps?

    How much charcoal should i be using when im starting the fire? Also correct me if i'm wrong but i was going to first fill my pan with some unlit charcoal mixed with wood chips and chunks. Then start about 15-20 briquettes let them ash and throw them untop of the pan witht he unlit stuff. Good idea?
  6. russki1313

    How to adjust temps?

    Hi Guys, I am a nOOb and am wondering when im smoking and using charcoals. How do i adjust the temp up/down? Meaning does opening or closing the vents heat it up or down? Also when starting the fire/smoke should the vents be open or closed? Do i use a water pan? Do i fill it with...
  7. russki1313

    Smoke Box Question

    So i have a general smoking question. When using propane, is it a good idea to have a lid/cover over the smoking box (container with chips)? What about when using charcoal/electric hotplate? Can someone post pics of their setup for either of these scenarios. Thanks Kevin (newbie)
  8. russki1313

    Alternative to smoking chips

    So i heard that there is an alternative to smoking chips except i don't remember what it is called. Its essentially a log which you cut off about 1" wide peice and throw on your coals or in your smoker box and it provides about 2-3 hours worth of smoke. i remeber seeing a link to it in SMF...
  9. russki1313

    Newbie needs help

    Thanks guys will try the coffee pot advice tomorrow. Also how much chips do you think i should use? And from the previous post i take it they should be dry right?
  10. russki1313

    Newbie needs help

    Yes i did have the chip tray in the smoker. As for the distance its a couple of inches i would assume. Also how wet/how much soaking is neccessary if i buy the bagged chips from walmart or bass pro shope? Also do i have to use chunks?
  11. russki1313

    Newbie needs help

    I have a propane smoker the kind you can get at walmart for around $150. My problem is getting the thing to actually produce smoke. I fill the tray with water, and put soaked chips in the smoking box but it doens't smoke. It takes literally about 2hrs to get it barely going. What am i doing...
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