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    It's that time of year again...Win a prize a day from A-MAZE-N Products through 11/22!

    Anything as long as it is shared with family and friends!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all....
  2. rugerlab

    Sheep and Hog Casings

    I have a couple of questions: Can you use sheep casings for making meat sticks? and how does it turn out? Also, how is the best way to store casings when you have left over casings.  I am thinking about buying hanks but am only going to make 50 pounds of sausage this weekend and won't make...
  3. rugerlab

    Polish and plain hot dogs

    I will check it out bigbob73!! thanks
  4. rugerlab

    Pops6927's Wet Curing Brine

    Injection is what I will do...  thanks for the help
  5. rugerlab

    Pops6927's Wet Curing Brine

    Thanks Foamheart
  6. rugerlab

    Pops6927's Wet Curing Brine

    No injection, it is only about 2 to 3 inches thick
  7. rugerlab

    Pops6927's Wet Curing Brine

    How long would you brine a pork loin (4 pounds) ???
  8. rugerlab


    Thanks Gary
  9. rugerlab

    Canadian Bacon using Pop's Brine 2nd try

    Thanks Woodcutter!!!!
  10. rugerlab

    Canadian Bacon using Pop's Brine 2nd try

    Might be a stupid question but If I am going to use only 8 pounds of pork loin would I still use the same amount of brine??  I am planning on doing this next weekend
  11. rugerlab

    Jerky and Snack Sticks

     If you are using whole muscle meat make sure you get the amount of cure right, if I remember right it takes more cure for whole muscle meat then it does for ground meat. (Don't quote me on this).  I follow the directions to the letter on the amount of cure, I very the amount of seasoning I add...
  12. rugerlab

    Polish and plain hot dogs

    Anybody have recipes for polish and hot dogs they would like to share???  Tired of store bought stuff!!!! 
  13. rugerlab

    bratwurst question

    I take the meat out of the stuffer and load up my jerky shooter with the round tip and push the remaining meat mixture into the casings.  Doesn't take too long but I don't like wasting meat after I have spent that much time preparing it!!!
  14. rugerlab

    Sausage in freezer?

    Thanks, What do you think about using those plastic meat bags?
  15. rugerlab

    Sausage in freezer?

    This might be a stupid question but I was wondering how long can you store homemade fresh sausage in the freezer?  And is there better ways of freezing it, Plastic bags, freezer wrap, or vacuum seal.  My brother in law and I are going to make a bunch of breakfast, german garlic, and hot Italian...
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