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  1. rpphoto

    Early Birthday Present from the wife...

    Well I guess my wife saw me looking, and decided to surprise me with an early birthday present ... did the burn off early this morning, now im seasoning the grates .... and then onto the christening dinner... ....still have my MB Propane Vert Smoker , and now this one .... gonna be a fun...
  2. rpphoto

    Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 -- Package Dimensions and Assembly Tip

    Nice Pull .... ive been looking hard at one of these, and with my Birthday Coming up in July , i think it might be my Gift to Myself!
  3. rpphoto

    when Dr Frankenstein invades your kitchen....

    so after several of these... i turned into Dr Frankenstein and the fun began.... they sat like this for about an hr in the fridge to somewhat firm up to make rolling easier... Sausage - Bacon Wrapped, Eggs, Onions, Salt n Pepper ---- Breakfast Style... Beef - Bacon Wrapped and Pizza...
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  8. rpphoto

    Frankenstein..... is alive....

    Dr Frankensteins Evil Maturation Chamber at Work...
  9. rpphoto

    Loss of Temperature

    an issue with temp, could be an issue with the regulator itself.... also external factors could play a part in temp.... wind, cold temp....
  10. Finally A Real Smoker!!!!

    Finally A Real Smoker!!!!

  11. rpphoto

    Finally A Real Smoker!!!!

    So I Have finally got a real smoker lol... after years of using a STOK gas grill and off heat charcoal smoking methods, it has happened! So my birthday was last week, and my wife and mother surprised me with.... its just a 2 shelf 30" nothing special, but its mine lol did a 2 hour burn...
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  14. rpphoto

    What Better Way To Celebrate A Day Off, And Getting Paid ?

    How To Correctly Spend Paycheck Money: 1st: You pick up a couple of "street girls" on the corner 2nd: When you get them home, you make them get all dirty  3rd: then you force them to get a tan... 4th: you then cover them and let them sleep, and then ready to eat... hope you...
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