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  1. rondar

    Babybacks where to buy

    I think Meijer has butts on sale this week.How is the quality from GFS? I've noticed lower prices is sometimes crappy quality.I bought a couple butts from a Spartan store and one was decent and one was fatty and I could only use half of it.
  2. rondar

    Spares on sale

    Randazzos has spare ribs on sale $1.50 per lb. sale ends tomorrow
  3. rondar

    Babybacks where to buy

    Hey,I'm having a ribfest next Sat and I'm looking for someplace to buy around 6-8 slabs.Anyone know of a butcher or store that has decent prices? I'm in Fraser so somewhere in Macomb County would help,I'll go as far as Eastern Market.Thanks for any help
  4. rondar

    Pit Barrel Cooker reviews

    Does anyone have or used the Pit Barrel Cooker? I'm thinking of ordering one.I've watched videos on youtube about it,it seems pretty simple to use.I have a frankenbrinkman that I've used for the past few yrs.The PBC burns a little hotter than the frankenbrinkman,which really doesn't bother me.I...
  5. rondar


    I joked yesterday that I had salad for lunch for the second day in a row.And my brother in-law responded did you make it in your smoker? I told him I can cold smoke some lettuce for him.Has anyone tried smoked lettuce? I'm thinking it would ne pretty nasty.
  6. rondar

    Stuffed Pork Loin (Apple)

    Good idea I've injected apple sauce in pork loin it didn't seem like it was enough.I'm gonna try this next rime.
  7. rondar

    Best Beginner Charcoal Smoker

    First off welcome this site is full of friendly and very helpful people.I bought a Brinkman off c'list and googled some mods I found the franken brinkman mods the best, the guy even has printable blue prints.I love it, its great for pork butt.But ribs takes some good placement for whole...
  8. rondar

    4th of July tragedy.....well all most

    I was trying an experiment smoking chicken breasts in my MES 40.I dumped the hot ash into a lawn bag ,I noticed some embers when I dumped the tray I figured since it was mostly dirt ib the bag it'd be ok.Around an hr later when we were eating outside (luckily) my sister says is sonething burning...
  9. rondar

    Raspberry Chiffon Pie (Mrs Bear's recipe with pics)

    Bookmarked I'm gonna try this it looks good.Btw we have those same salt and pepper shakers
  10. rondar

    Natural or Synthetic

    What do you prefer for sausage casings natural or synthetic? I use natural and they always seem to be tough.I went to Butcher Packer supply in Madison Hghts they sell synthetic.Anyone use synthetic?
  11. rondar

    Sausage Stuffer

    Anyone have or knows anyone that wants to get rid of a sausage stuffer? I have a Waring Pro I use it works great for grinding but not so much for stuffing.
  12. rondar

    Pork Picnic on sale

    Meijer has pork picnic on sale .99 per lb. Can it be used for pulled pork or sausage?
  13. rondar

    Just joined

    Cool Humdinger I'll check it out I know where that is Thanks
  14. rondar


    It looks like AMNPS is the tool to have as I've read on posts.I have the smaller AMNS and thinking about upgrading to the AMNSPS I know theres more flavors with the AMNSPS.What if any is the difference between the two? Does the AMNSPS burn better and better?Does it light easier than the dust...
  15. rondar

    Disappointed with amount of smoke; bought a master built electric 40" added updated part sent by mas

    I see a lot of posts about the AMNSPS I have the reg AMNS.Is the pellet smoker better? I know theres more selection of flavors with the pellets.I've been thinkin of upgrading to the pellet smoker.
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