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  1. redfish10

    Brinkman Pitmaster Deluxe (Is it worth it)

    Found a Brinkman Pitmaster Deluxe for sale in my local news paper. The seller stated that he paid $900 for it 6 years ago. Are these pits any good, what guage steel and do they hold heat well. Seller is asking $150 for it. Is it worth it and was the original cost of this smoker $900.00. Any...
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  3. redfish10

    Brinkman Pitmaster Deluxe (Are they any good)

    Found a Brinkman Pitmaster Deluxe in my local news paper for sale. Seller states that it is 6 years old and was purchased new for $900.00 Is this accurate. What guage steel is this pit constructed from and do they hold heat well. I know the new ones are paper thin. Is it worh $150.00. Any input...
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  6. redfish10

    Need Advise

    Forgot to mention that the fire box is on the back side of the main chamber. Here is a bad sketch of it!!!!
  7. redfish10

    Need Advise

    Looking to purchase a smoker that was built by a friends neighbor. The main cooking chamber is a 80 or 85 gallon air tank and the fire box is approx. 16-18" round and approx 40" inches long. He has two 4" pipes going into the the main cooking chamber to the left and right of center of the main...
  8. redfish10

    Oklahoma Joe Smoker Question.

    What exactly is a baffle extension.  
  9. redfish10

    Oklahoma Joe Smoker Question.

    Thanks for the input. How is the heat retention and what is the approx. weight of the smoker.
  10. redfish10

    Oklahoma Joe Smoker Question.

    Ok I was able to find a little information about this. Would it be accurate to say that this is the model that was sold at Sams Club and is made out of 3/8" steel. If so do you think it is still worth dropping $75 on it.
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  14. redfish10

    Oklahoma Joe Smoker Question.

    I can pick up this smoker for $75 but dont know a whole lot about it. The cooking chamber is approx. 40" and the smoker box is approx. 20". The smoker is about 6 years old. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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