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  1. r5ryder

    Dino Beef Ribs

    I picked up two racks of 4 ribs each, equally fatty. I trimmed the fat and silver skin off... but did you or should I cut each each into 2x2 rather than 4 across? Thinking I could get more edge rub, but concerned about quality and if they’d cook too fast and not get enough smoke
  2. r5ryder

    Sandblasting barrels in Philly

    I live in a very urban neighborhood of the city - if I did any kind of burn, the fire department would be there immediately, and I don't have the patience to take it out to some field and let it burn until complete (since I have no idea how long that would even be.
  3. r5ryder

    Sandblasting barrels in Philly

    I just don't know how to find "stripping" or "sandblasting" shops. It's not like McDonalds where they have big signs that say "UDS Sandblasting" on them, and so far the ones I've called won't do small jobs. I might just show up somewhere and slip someone $50 and see what happens. I also got...
  4. r5ryder

    Sandblasting barrels in Philly

    I got a couple of food-grade drums from a recycler, but they have the tan liner inside. Anyone in the Philly area (preferably inside the city) know where I can get these things sandblasted for a reasonable price? I've struck out with a couple of metal workers. Was going to hit up some body...
  5. r5ryder

    Akorn maiden run this weekend

    I struggled for a long time to keep the temp down to the smoking range.  What I've found is that this thing is SO insulated that it takes only a couple pieces of lit lump to bring it up to 250 and hold it.   The weber cubes - even 1/2 of one - will be too much.  I've had success with two...
  6. r5ryder

    A few mods for the Chargriller Kamado Kooker

    Thanks, I'll do that.  I'm not worried about getting it off the vent, I'm worried about being able to separate the vent from the smoker altogether!  Of course the only reason I'd need to do that would be if I still have air leaks and need to make a third attempt at sealing.
  7. r5ryder

    A few mods for the Chargriller Kamado Kooker

    I actually tried to do the whole thing with LavaLock felt nomex gaskets this weekend. The dome seems fine, but the vent is terrible.  I put felt all around the opening where it contacts the ashpan, but I guess having to cut little pieces for the sides may have created some gaps.  Not sure. So...
  8. r5ryder

    New Member

    Hello.  I'm in South Philly and smoke on the King Griller Akorn for around 2 years.  Came across the forum while searching for ways to deal with air leaks.  
  9. r5ryder

    A few mods for the Chargriller Kamado Kooker

    Sorry to bring this back after a few months, but I'm going to be applying the RTV silicon to the bottom air vent this weekend. Question - after removing the vent, do you apply the silicone to the back of it and then re-attach it so it bonds with the body of the akorn, or do you apply it only to...
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