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  1. ofelles

    A Monumental Task But I Guess It Was Inevitable

    No good deed goes unpunished!
  2. ofelles

    A prayer for my father.

    Very sorry for your loss. Thought and prays. Hopefully he(and your Mom) lived a good full life
  3. ofelles

    YS640 comp vs Rec Tec Bull comp

    curly11 Glad the upgrade works. I plan to wait until I have a problem with mine. By the way, labor well spent if you can get him turning green. And not from the turkey!
  4. ofelles

    Pellet Grill in the Rain

    Just make sure the electronics stay dry. And as mentioned several times GFI connections for sure. If it's raining a lot it could cool down the body and make keeping temps a challenge.
  5. ofelles

    Wood pellet of choice for Thanksgiving turkey?

    I like pecan/cherry
  6. ofelles


    Made some a while back on my smoker. They were great.
  7. ofelles

    Chili Time! The return of Chuck and Ox!

    Making some clam chowder tomorrow. Then turkey for thanksgiving. After that some chilie.
  8. ofelles

    Vertical Smoker Suggestions

    I have been kicking around the idea of a Cabinet smoker lately. I am of the idea of buying once and not regretting it. I know these are a bit above the budget but they have very good reputations and with a controller they are kind of set and forget. I'm think the T&K gravity feed is very...
  9. ofelles

    Doctor’s Orders

    I've seen this before and it is still funny!
  10. ofelles

    Hello from Northern California

    Welcome from the California Delta
  11. ofelles

    Please add my Grandson to your prayers!

    So sorry to hear that! It's good that it treatable though. Prayers sent:emoji_pray:
  12. ofelles

    Tri tip ideas

    Either a Santa Maria or Oakridge BBQ Carne Crosta Steakhouse Rub. Smoke or grill to 100F and then sear to 130F. I like them with some char so I sear a little longer. Very juicy and lots of flavor
  13. ofelles

    Smoking turkey

    Yeah the skin was throw away but the meat was great.
  14. ofelles

    Really close to pulling the trigger on a LSG

    I have been thinking about getting a stick burner offset. But was wondering about a cabinet smoker and asked about it on another forum. Got some ideas. I don't know what your budget is but take a look at them if you have not already. LSG is the offset brand I'm looking at and their verticals...
  15. ofelles

    Smoking turkey

    spotchcock, wet brine if fresh dry rub with favorite rub on and under skin, on your smoker at 225F with pecan/cherry until 150 at the breast baste with butter last hour. rest for 20 minutes.
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