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Dec 25, 2010
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Mar 9, 1960 (Age: 58)
Ft Pierce Florida. Treasure Coast.
DOD Retired


Smoking Guru, 58, from Ft Pierce Florida. Treasure Coast.

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Dec 9, 2018 at 2:25 PM
    1. TomKnollRFV
      Hey Nepas ...you are apparently the curing master and I was wondering if you'd ever consider writing a post that goes over using UMAi bags for pepperoni etc? A tutorial if you will.
    2. pushok2018
      Hi nepas, I was suggests by on forum member to PM you with my question which I just posted on this forum: I am planning to buy #30 smoker from Sausagemaker.com but am looking more info from people who has experience with this smoker
      I was told that you have one so... I would appreciate a lot if you share your experience with this smoker with me.. Thank you in advance!
    3. Edna
      Hello Nepas - I am trying to reach you. Could you be kind enough to share with me your linguica recipe please? My email address: [email protected] I would be very grateful to you. Thank you. Edna
    4. bobber
      my wifes father had a BUTCHER STORE, so the thought of steak to her isn't like you and I think. I go grass fed beef and OMG is that outstanding. Im looking into a new smaller smoker
    5. navier
      Hello Nepas.
      well today is the day. going to try your easy landjaegers. no access to fermento so I got buttermilk powder instead. hope it will suffice.
      I tried landjaeger for the first time from a smoke shack in ohio. loved them.
      my favorite sausage is the dried.
      my question to you is can I use this method of reducing weight 15% to achieve the dried,wrinkly look?
      how long can I savely hang in the garage (canada) night time temps still in 40's.
      Longer the drier?
    6. yair teboulle
      yair teboulle
      Hi Nepas,
      I am getting into the world of Sausage making (dry), and I was wondering if you could give me some tips about the usage of acids, bactoferm, fermento.. I am trying to find a replacement for the fermento which is not dairy based.
      any way, thanks for the great advices you are already giving here:)
    7. hoity toit
      hoity toit
      crclass needing help with Summer sausage being salty, see his thread
    8. hondabbq
      follow up to the previous question as I had exceeded the 1000 character limit.

      My question to you is this, Do you know what is in the "curing" in their kits? If not,
      my next question is, I can buy skim milk powder that we used in the kitchen daily( im a chef by trade), Is that the same as NFDM? If it is the same, in your valued opinion, would that be a suitable replacement for the Hi mountain mixes.

      I thank you
    9. hondabbq
      Hi Nepas

      I read a lot of your posts being the sausage guru you are, trying to enhance my limited repertoire.
      I started making meat sticks using the Hi mountain mixes. I use them as a base and usually enhance them from there. I recently ordered up a 5 lb bag of the seasoning from them thinking I can just add my instacure for the curing part of it. I contacted Hi Mountain asking if there was anything else in their "curing packages" other than the cure, and they responded no. Another said there is a binder as well. they said they have their own cure products in the bags but wont disclose what they are in detail. I even played the allergy card, to no avail.
    10. garyinmd
      When you get a minute please send me a copy of the PDF. Thanks
    11. woodcutter
      I just saw your Assorted Sausages of 2012 folder in the photo page. Impressive!
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    Mar 9, 1960 (Age: 58)
    Ft Pierce Florida. Treasure Coast.
    DOD Retired
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    My wife and family
    Smoking meat
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    Full time RVrs. In a 40' 5th wheel.
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