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    1. TOB
      What do you think of the camp chief pro dxl?
    2. cardsfan
      This website is badly in need of updating. Starting a new thread in the forum is so ridiculous, that each time I want to I have to spend 30 minutes figuring out how! Isn't that the point of the site?? Put a big damn button on the home page that says "START A NEW THREAD"....
      1. pc farmer
        pc farmer
        Go under the forum you want to post in and click the post new thread. Not hard to do.
        Aug 10, 2019
    3. RACAT
      Does Jeffs cookbook cover wood pellet grilles or only traditional smokers?
    4. ParenteJo
      Hello, I have smoked some shoulder and ribs in my camp chef sg pellet smoker last year and it worked out fine. This year I went to fire up my pellet smoker and my fire pot continually catches fire. Could be possibly be from the auger over filling the fire pot ? I cannot figure why this happens. It happened twice so far and I have had to turn it off before I could even put the meat on.
    5. TeeCee
      Hi I don't enjoy the strong smokey flavour when low and slow using charcoal brickets , is if ok just use heat beads for subtle taste or other ways of introducing softer flavours
    6. Todd j
      Todd j
      First time smoking, do I wait till temp returns back to 225 F before I start the timer.
    7. BeakerAthena
      Hello!!! please see my new post. I need help by Friday! Please
    8. Rp69
      Hello good day from canada . I was wondering how to start new conversation on fourm. I use phone do i need to go on computer. My computer skills suck. Every time i start conversation if i do not add members i can not send . Do i need to pay for fourm . Which i would not mind at all for all the experience out there. Help please Rob p new member
    9. Jake Harris
      Jake Harris
      Quick question. I am new to posting on the forum and my last few posts say "Awaiting Moderator Approval". Just curious if you could point me in the direction of any Do's and Dont's when posting on the Forum. My apologies if I already broke the rules. Just a newbie trying to get started. Thanks in advance.
    10. Beavis69
      Hi. How do I start a new thread ? Thanks
    11. hwaldner
      I have to do 20 chuck roasts can anyone help me on whats the best way of cooking them on the LANG 84 in prim rib or pulled beef
    12. Bones816
      I'm trying to get on the forum with my phone using Tapatalk. When I try to sign in I get a message says "Log In Failed. Please contact the forum admin or try again later". I've been "trying later" with no luck. Can you help me out?
    13. Spinner
      Sometimes I'm a little thick. I saw a heading that seemed to match my topic. I posted two threads in the cold smoking forum that should probably be elsewhere. Please move them to the appropriate area if needed. The posts are more of a mods/improvements topic.
    14. sm0kin
      I have isolated my issue on my iphone 6s plus version 11.2.6 to this forum. My browser gets hijacked with a pop up amazon user.... choose free gifts... only happens when i visit the forums, which i do often :/
      1. Bimmernerd
        I’m having the same issue, hasn’t happened on my iPad, only my iPhone X running the same OS version of Sm0kin’s 6s plus.
        Apr 4, 2018
    15. AustinMc
      Good day.....sorry to pester you, but I am just starting out in the smoking department....my questions....what kind of temperature gage do you use(want should a person have)...did some beef sticks the other day...turned out good, just found it hard to monitor internal temp(shooting for 153)....would just like to have a gage more accurate...any help would be appreciated...cheers
    16. Smoking joe blazer
      Smoking joe blazer
      Hi, could you please give me some information about cold smoking. I reside in Thailand and would like to smoke some British back bacon. The outside ambient temperatures are over the 30s in the day time, would it be safe to smoke and how long would it take?
    17. ajmickey
      Smoking a pig 60lb any advice
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