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    100 Gal Propane Tank RF Build

    Hey Guys, Its been a while since i have posted. I figured i would give ya an update on my rig! So It used to look like this when i bought it: Now here is how it looks today: Let me know what you guys think!!


  3. 010.jpg


  4. 20150201_133002.jpg


  5. 20150131_161114.jpg


  6. moblues

    100 Gal Propane Tank RF Build

    Hello fellow Que lovers! A few weeks back I purchased a trailer with a semi-built smoker on it. Here are some pics:          What i plan on doing is converting it from direct flow to reverse flow. The Diameter of the tank is 29" and for some reason the guy who built this thing cut the...
  7. 100 Gal Propane Tank RF Build

    100 Gal Propane Tank RF Build

  8. Screenshot (11).png

    Screenshot (11).png

  9. Screenshot (8).png

    Screenshot (8).png

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  12. moblues

    First Time Here!

    Hey Guys,  I appreciate the responses. I plan on converting it to reverse flow but i have a bunch of questions on the right way to go about it. (thankfully i have this forum to help guide me).  Thanks for the heads up, I will check into the axle rating. -Mike
  13. moblues

    First Time Here!

    Hey Guys and Gals, My name is Mike and im from Southern California. I've been addicted to the smoke since birth but only been REALLY BBQing for the past 2 years. My first smoker and still my main one (for now)is the MasterBuilt Dual fuel, dual door smoker. I have produced some serious...
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  15. New Trailer

    New Trailer

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