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  1. mikeyinokc

    using pork shoulder frozen solid since October 2003

    If it were mine I would thaw it and check it out first. If it has minimal to no freezer burn, and smells ok, and has a good color I would use it. Being that it was vacuum packed in plastic, and never thawed is a good thing.
  2. mikeyinokc

    Pulled Pork

    Great post "smokin_all_night". I'm anxious to see what JJ reports backs here with after he smokes his first butt/shoulder. I'm ready to go home now and fire up the smoker myself. 8) 8) 8)
  3. mikeyinokc

    ABT's (Atomic Buffalo Turds)

    The "Chili Grill" rules. I have been using one for about two years now. I started with the 12 pepper size, and I'm now using the 24 pepper size. I got tired of fixing them and there not being any left for me to eat. I have given several as presents to family and friends that liked them. There...
  4. mikeyinokc

    Zucchini & Yellow squash

    I don't see where you could hurt the squash. I grill squash a lot when grilling. Cut 'em in half lengthwise, a little olive oil, and seasonings does it right. I would think the smoke treatment would be good. Probably wouldn't take too long to soften up even at normal smoking temperatures. Sure...
  5. mikeyinokc

    smoking brats

    Patrick, just fyi. Not all Johsonvill Brats are already cooked. They have a line of brats that are raw and need to be cooked, just read the label and you can tell the difference. I like to cook the uncooked brats on the stove in a pot of beer and onions til almost done. Then finish them in the...
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