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  1. kansasqueball

    First Tri tip ever for Florida boy

    Sweet!  I'm going to have to run over to Costco now and pick up some tri-tips for a smoked beef fiesta.  Love the tri-tip.
  2. kansasqueball

    First Tri-Tip Q-View

    I never get tired of the ol' tri-tip.  Good job.
  3. kansasqueball

    Tri-tip hints

    Awesome, my friend.  Loves me some tri-tip.
  4. kansasqueball

    whats your favorite wood for pork?

    I go with what a lot of folks go with it seems.  I like a 50/50 mix of pecan and cherry, or pecan and apple.  I did up some pork tenderloins last night, and used some oak.  This was the first time I used oak.  It imbued a very smokey flavor.  The smoke flavor overpowered the rub.  I think that...
  5. kansasqueball

    My first brisky, and a butt to boot

    Coming up on twelve hours, and things are looking good, but something strange happened.  For the first time in my experience of smoking meats I hit a negative plateau.  I love the plateau, and I get nervous in the early stages of smoking a piece of meat until the plateau hits.  I understand that...
  6. kansasqueball

    Sirloin Tip - Roast Beef Sandwiches QView

    Good lookin' beefy eatin'!  Job well done!
  7. kansasqueball

    Top Round with qview

    Wow!  That is a smoker filled with happiness!
  8. kansasqueball

    cherry coke beef ribs?!

    Good idea to go with pork ribs.  I've never met a beef rib that I've liked.
  9. kansasqueball

    Friday off ribs in the wsm

    Holy smokes!  Nice color on dem ribs, and those ABT's are lookin' mighty fine.  Man, now I'm all hungry.
  10. kansasqueball

    Pork Tenderloin

    Mmmmm.... I loves me some pork tenderloin, and I also loves me some spinach.  Good looking pork, dude!
  11. kansasqueball


    Freaking sweet ribs my friend.  Job well done!  I just wish I was at your house for dinner.
  12. kansasqueball

    My first brisky, and a butt to boot

    After reading some other posts it seems that after smoking I'm going to need to separate the flat from the point.  Ummm... how do I do this? Thanks
  13. kansasqueball

    memorial day, three days of smoking and joking

    That's a great super-sized smoke that you're gearing up for.  Can't wait to see the results.
  14. kansasqueball

    My first brisky, and a butt to boot

    So, with the old MES I couldn't fit a whole brisky into the dang thing.  I did a flat twice, and neither time was too satisfied with the results.  I talked about this with both of my brothers who are both old smoking pros, and they both concurred that flats rarely turn out as nice as packers...
  15. 2010-05-29 13.04.50.jpg

    2010-05-29 13.04.50.jpg

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