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  1. jjpiv33

    Induction top for poaching sausage

    I do not have a Sous vide machine, but I do have a commercial induction top I use for catering events. I'm thinking it'll be fine for poaching some chicken sausage I plan to make this weekend. Thoughts? Also, please give me some of your favorite recipes for chicken sausage. I have found many on...
  2. jjpiv33

    Natural hog casings vs others

  3. jjpiv33

    Natural hog casings vs others

    So i have been experimenting with some recipes for a garlic kielbasa in natural casings. My stuffing process if quite easy. Soak casings 30 mins warm water rinse inside twice, soak in clean warm water 30 more min rinse again stuff Now im getting quite good at stuffing, tie...
  4. jjpiv33

    SMF Premier Membership

    @TulsaJeff Is there an app where your forum can be used?
  5. jjpiv33

    Skins on snack sticks

    Well, I can see another attempt here in the near future. @JckDanls 07 think you’re right buddy, may be slightly obsessed. Here is that video you requested Thank you all for the great feedback, I will definitely adjust my temps.... @SFLsmkr1 indid like them, but there is always room for a...
  6. jjpiv33

    Spicy Snack Sticks

    with the salt and the cure, are these shelf stable? or need to be in a refrigerator?
  7. jjpiv33

    Black Jack Snack Sticks (Bourbon and Black Pepper)...recipe added

    do you drop them in a ice bath once done in the smokehouse? And does the casing fill up with grease near the bottom?
  8. jjpiv33

    Skins on snack sticks

    I was cleaning out the freezer and had some beef, pork and venison so i decided to head on over to basspro and pick up a snackstick kit (spicy) I got hi-temp cheddar and dried jalepenos. Watch some vids (bearded butchers) on making snack sticks and read the one paragraph directions. ground the...
  9. jjpiv33

    Advice on what Grinder to purchase

    I have done a double grind a couple times already, and I stuffed with my son once. I didn’t find any issue at all.... other than I need to control the speed at which the casing comes off the horn...(I feel i was feeding too fast and the casings were not filled enough) I will still prob buy the...
  10. jjpiv33

    Advice on what Grinder to purchase

    So i ended up going with the Cabelas Carnivore #8 0.5 HP. Found it BRAND NEW on facebook market place for $180 and could not pass up the deal. Let me tell you....even at 0.5 HP this thing is a beast. i ground up about 15# of meat this weekend in one shot, less that 3 mins. i was blown away. I...
  11. jjpiv33

    BBQ Sundae (BBQ in a Jar)! Pulled Pork and sides

    Do you like those MEATER wifi units? I have a MEATER block and have been reluctant to use it after reading the ambient temp side can burn up if it gets too hot.
  12. jjpiv33

    Advice on what Grinder to purchase

    All you guys who use either the LEM or the Cabelas, do you use it to stuff too, or do you use a vertical stuffer? I've heard mixed reviews....air pockets, takes too long, and such
  13. jjpiv33

    Advice on what Grinder to purchase

    Do you have a link to the #22...i cant seem to find it.
  14. jjpiv33

    Advice on what Grinder to purchase

    Morning All! I have not posted in quite a few years, did some competitions, do alot of smoking for large fundraiser events and side jobs here and there catering. Well i have recently gotten into making sausage, snack sticks and processing my deer and hogs i shoot during the season. I've been...
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