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    How to Cold Smoke in MasterBuilt 30?

    Looks like he has a fan affixed to the exhaust stack to pull air thru the chamber, but where that air is coming from, he will have to tell us.  I imagine his can of chips is perforated in the bottom or something?  Interesting use of a soldering/woodburning iron! LOL!
  2. gfishertx

    Extra air and location MES 30

    Not sure what all that other stuff is for, but I got my AMNPS last week and used it this weekend without any kind of modifications other than pulling the chip pan out about 1.5 inches on my MES30.  It smoked for about 8 hours, which was perfect for the pork butt I was doing. What do those other...
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    First smoke on MES30 - QView

    4.5 hours in we are at 156 degrees.  AMNPS still smoking.  Smells good.
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    First smoke on MES30 - QView

    Haha!  Did you connect to the camera and pan it around??
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    First smoke on MES30 - QView

    Meat's been on 2 hours (Started at 9:00AM CST), and we are at 126 degrees.  MES is staying between 222-229, AMNPS is still smoking away!  Gotta love it.
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    Long time member - Getting back into it

    Hey guys/gals, Been a member since 2009 when I first started smoking, but never really posted anything. Now that I have started posting, I guess it would be a good idea to join the roll call. I live in Austin, TX and got a MES30 and an AMNPS this week.  Looking forward to a lot less...
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    First smoke on MES30 - QView

    So check this out!  I happen to have a WiFi surveillence camera laying around so I hooked it up outside by the smoker.  If you go to this link: http://gfisher99.dyndns.info  you can log in.  I recommend using the Server Push option (even if you still use Internet Explorer) so it does not...
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    First smoke on MES30 - QView

    Will do that now!  Signed up a long time ago and I guess I never got around to it.
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    First smoke on MES30 - QView

    Hey guys, First smoke on my new MES30 today.  Been smoking on 2 other smokers for a few years (Brinkmann Vertical Charcoal and Char-Broil Vertical Propane) Went with a 5.1LB Bone-in Boston Butt.  Brined overnight and slapped on some Jeff's this morning after letting the butt come up to temp a...
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    New to Electric Smokers (MES 30)

    The AMNS and AMNPS can be purchased at www.amazenproducts.com A forum member here is the owner. I purchased one this week, he shipped the next day and tracking says I will receive it tomorrow. Cant wait to give it a go this weekend. Greg
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    A Few AMNPS Quesitons If I May...

    Aw, Dang!  I didnt know there was a coupon for SMF members!  I just ordered my AMNPS Package #3 10 minutes ago and now I see this :( MES 30 will arrive Wednesday, AMNPS hopefully shortly thereafter. Have had 2 Brinkmann verticals (charcoal / propane) and although they worked ok, I had to...
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