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    Help with mozzarella please.

    I tried making some fresh mozzarella today. I picked up some raw whole milk from the co-op and did the normal recipe. Citric acid, heat, rennet, rest, cut curd, etc. After draining it, I set it in a bowl and poured whey over it that was heated to 185F. I let it sit about 20 seconds and went to...
  2. freakynorm

    Turkey Skin Issue

    Well, I don't have a rotisserie so can't do that one. Yeah, the temps were supposed to be in F lol. I will try a hotter smoke. I did this one in my MES so my max temp is 300F. Thanks for the tips!
  3. freakynorm

    Turkey Skin Issue

    I tried smoking a 9lb turkey this weekend. It came out really good. I used some herbs and butter under the skin, filled the bird with various fruits and put a light coating of Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning on it. For some reason though, the skin was like leather. I've done chicken before...
  4. freakynorm

    Second Baby Back Smoking - Input Greatly Appreciated

    You can sprinkle some brown sugar on the ribs just before you toss them in the smoker. My homemade rub doesn't use much sugar, so I just top my ribs with the brown sugar just prior to smoking. For an added sweetness, you can do a glaze on the ribs. It gives it a sweet/tangy taste and makes them...
  5. 900x900px-LL-e02175a3_ribsabts00802-10-13.jpeg


  6. 900x900px-LL-932b078c_ribsabts00702-10-13.jpeg


  7. freakynorm

    Pork belly on the grill in progress with q/view and a question

    It came out good for my first attempt. Some parts had too much fat in it. The flavors the carrots and onion took on are amazing. I got the juice save up and cooling, I'll remove the fat and make a nice au jus with it. Got some of the veggies to go on the side with it too. Here are a few pieces...
  8. Pork Belly 08-02-2015-006.jpg

    Pork Belly 08-02-2015-006.jpg

  9. Pork Belly 08-02-2015-005.jpg

    Pork Belly 08-02-2015-005.jpg

  10. Pork Belly 08-02-2015-004.jpg

    Pork Belly 08-02-2015-004.jpg

  11. freakynorm

    Pork belly on the grill in progress with q/view and a question

    I saw this recipe/cook online and though it sounded good. So I bought some pork belly and got it started today. In the video, they had it cook about 4-5 hours. They don't say what temp they took it up to. Reading online the temps range anywhere from 160°F to 200°F. My cook is about 2.5 hours...
  12. Pork Belly 08-02-2015-003.jpg

    Pork Belly 08-02-2015-003.jpg

  13. Pork Belly 08-02-2015-002.jpg

    Pork Belly 08-02-2015-002.jpg

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