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    My first novel, Entangled Passions, published this week on Amazon

    Now you've piqued my interest. When a paperback is available I'll read it. Sorry, no e-books here, old-school and just have to turn pages.
  2. chilerelleno

    My first novel, Entangled Passions, published this week on Amazon

    Ray, my wife sends her heartiest congratulations to a fellow author. She looked on Amazon and laughed, then blushed lightly and exclaimed, "This sounds more like Sex'capades than a Bodice Ripper!" The 3rd book in her 8 book series is out, and the 4th is due in the Spring. Plus she has...
  3. chilerelleno

    My first novel, Entangled Passions, published this week on Amazon

    Congrats Ray, it is a huge endeavor to plan, research, write, edit and finally get a book published. I know, I've watched my wife do it many times.
  4. chilerelleno


    Smokey poutine X5! I'm salivating hard thinking about it.
  5. chilerelleno

    Need some pork loin advice

    I prefer a longer brine time, 8-12 hours, overnight. Gives the salt more time to do it's jobs, i.e. tenderize and pull moisture in. I also try not to go over 140° IT pull temp, and let the IT carry over on it's own. If I know I'm going to reheat later I only go to 130°-135° IT. If your temps...
  6. chilerelleno


    Two ways to help keep the skins soft and delicious. Either boil till just tender and then smoke, or rub skins with oil or bacon grease before smoking.
  7. chilerelleno

    Hog Cooker. Worth it?

    If you won't use it to near capacity at least four times a year, I wouldn't buy it. But if you could get a good enough price that a good cleaning/refurb would allow you to flip for a nice profit, then heck yeah.
  8. chilerelleno


    Damnit Man! AL that looks so good in the raw I could almost plate some up as Tartare. And I bet it was fantastic cooked. Like!
  9. chilerelleno

    Vegan/Vegetarian Thread

    What's really hilarious about the new meatless burgers is.... If you read the reports/research that shows the new meatless burgers to be only a few ingredients off from many wet styles of dogfood.
  10. chilerelleno

    Vegan/Vegetarian Thread

    By Liberal Logic that would be Hate Speech and subject you to vile name calling, threats and/or actual acts of violence, being doxed/cancelled and immediate Banning from the website.
  11. chilerelleno

    Pork loin tacos with charred pineapple corn salsa

    Hot Damn! Right up my alley, some fine as hell use of leftovers. Mmmmm, fix me about six of those. Like!
  12. chilerelleno

    BIG Briskets - What's the biggest one you've cooked?

    My biggest brisket adventure is here....
  13. chilerelleno

    Gumbo time! Chicken and Andouille

    Dats da way bro, fixin up some good homemade gumbo. Like!
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