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    Newb doing first pork shoulder.

    would have liked too. but, I was a little late & the family/friends where hungry and didnt see the point it letting it sit there for more then 1/2 hour.
  2. bobomatic

    Newb doing first pork shoulder.

    Yep.  from Around 170* to 190* took about 4.5/5 hours. not sure if that really qualifies as a stall, but i thought since it too 5 hours to get to 170*  it seemed like a little lull in the cooking. it was nice and juicy and tender. the bone pulled out clean..
  3. Newb doing first pork shoulder.

    Newb doing first pork shoulder.

  4. bobomatic

    Newb doing first pork shoulder.

    OK, first shoulder All done! i gotta say it was pretty dang good, sauce & no-sauce. i did think it was a Little mushy, (just a smedge)  but everyone else thought it was best. i pulled it a 200* never foiled & let it rest for 30min. took around 10.5 hrs for two 4lb er's at 230/235*. i got nervous...
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  7. bobomatic

    Newb doing first pork shoulder.

    10 hours in & we're @ 197°. 4/5° more... got people waiting.....
  8. bobomatic

    Newb doing first pork shoulder.

    the butts have been in since 8:30am @ 130* and the IT is 152*. is that fast (3hours) for 4lb's? and what IT temp should i pull it at to let it rest in cooler if i want a 205 temp? Edit: almost two hours later IT temp at 167* that seems right to me.
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    Newb doing first pork shoulder.

    Gonna start the smoker about 8am should give me an extra hour or two, just in case.  I have the MES 30 & have to open the door to add chips. This will be my longest smoke yet, how much should I add? Filling the tray half full on a 3 hour smoke leaves me with black chips no ash. I'm thinking less...
  10. bobomatic

    Newb doing first pork shoulder.

    thanks disco. after i took the pork out of the bag, it looks like i got a full shoulder (the butt and the picnic) thats what i came up with after a google search. so i cut them into two pieces. they look to be about 4lbs each so that should help with the cooking time & gonna go with no foil...
  11. bobomatic

    Newb doing first pork shoulder.

    getting ready to try for some PP.  i got an 8lb shoulder I'm gonna rub and let sit in the fridge for 10/12 hours and try and have finished for dinner on Thursday around 6pm. its Wednesday 1:15pm now. if i throw it in at 8am Thursday do ya think it would be ready by then? i understand there's...
  12. bobomatic

    Hey All..

    thanks for the welcoming peps!!! i got those pics up. check em out, checker outers http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/146832/a-little-backyard-innovation-to-hold-my-mavrick
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