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    Bob, Did some ribs today in 90ish degrees today.  Just runs a little hotter.  Had mine going at 240-245 today.  With mine I had to get the needle valve because I wasn't able to get down to 225 on normal days.  I also have the cast iron pan on bolts above the burner.  Chunks work perfect for...
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    Masterbuild XL Mods - Post your mods here!

    Guess that's the ticket.  Thanks man.  Going to order the chimney.
  3. bdnannac

    No Masterbuiklt XL Assembly Instructions

    It is unusual.  Mine came with English and Spanish manuals.  Good thing they have them online.
  4. bdnannac

    Masterbuild XL Mods - Post your mods here!

    I wanted to add that stack to mine.  The cover I got from Amazon fits nice and snug.  Not sure If I should put on the stack and cut the cover to fit over it.  I need to make a temp cart for mine too.
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    Newbie from central NJ

    Yeah Highlands not far from me.  Love that traffic.  Thanks sam.
  6. bdnannac

    Newbie from central NJ

    Hey JJ, does Bruno's sound familiar?  My wife's mom said she remembers a great meat type deli called Bruno's.  Could be it.
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    First whole chicken last sunday. Qview and a question.

    Didn't think about finishing on grill.  Lots of stuff to try.  Nice!
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    First whole chicken last sunday. Qview and a question.

    Ahh higher at the end.  Going to try that next time.  Took it off at 165 degrees and pulled it for sammies.  Will try the butter under the skin too. Thanks everyone.
  9. bdnannac

    First whole chicken last sunday. Qview and a question.

    Tried a whole chicken last weekend.  Not sure if I kept in in long enough.  Thought skin would have been crispier.  At least it was real juicy thanks to overnight brine. Should I put anything inside the chicken?  I pulled out the liver and gizzard pouch.
  10. ChickenDone.jpg


  11. ChickenRubbed.jpg


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    First Fattie ever

    Looks better than my first attempt.  Nice job.  
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    Help a novice please!!!!

    I think you season it to get out all the factory residue and smells.  When I seasoned my smoker I just sprayed some Pam on the inside walls and did a test smoke to see how my temps were.  Hope this helps.
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    Hi from NJ!

    Yeah right after me.  I said the same thing.  I don't read papers so that's out.  LOL. Welcome Gabrielle!
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