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    What are the Best and Worst Christmas gifts for us?

    I ended up writing a column on the best and the worst 2009 Christmas presents. My best: 1. The Stoker 2. Custom BBQ grill 3. Polypro gloves 4. Turbo Marinator 5. Digital Thermo 6. Books--especially the Meat Book 7. Smoking basket 8. Personalized branding iron 9. The Smoking Gun 10. The...
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    Almond Smoking Basket

    I've been doing a lot of writing on cold smoking, and found that it improves the taste of almonds. I was in a factory outlet kitchen store over the weekend and spotted this colander for $10. It fits the Cookshack like a glove, with an eight-inch to spare. It allows more smoke than a pan and...
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    Cold smoking salmon safety

    "They will tell you it is fresh." Ain't that the truth! Here on the Left Coast this year Kings and Silvers are practically non-existent, so for fresh it's Chums which are "OK" and those are fresh. I reluctantly buy the Atlantics now as that's what's available mostly. I use TQ as well in the...
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    Cold smoking salmon safety

    I cannot find anything definitive. One source says that after smoking around 70-80 degrees to bring the heat up to 150 for 30 minutes to kill any bacteria. UC Davis says to freeze them at -10 deg for a week but quickly adds that most home freezers don't go this low. That's real helpful. Some...
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    What are the Best and Worst Christmas gifts for us?

    Best Stoker Good digital thermometer Jerky rods (good for hanging other meats too) Custom grill Good gloves (for chemicals, neoprene) Meat slicer Meat grinder Worst Personalized chef's hat Crappy gloves that burn Expensive executive utensils in a case Any sauce or seasoning from...
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    FoodSaver V3440 $64.04 today (11/30) only

    Good news! Someone told me they didn't have a coupon and added it to the cart and the total updated to the correct amount of $64.04. Go for it!
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    FoodSaver V3440 $64.04 today (11/30) only

    Normally sells for $100 - $130, and this is a direct deal with free shipping but requires a coupon. I got mine in email, I'd post it if I knew how as it does not link back to the deal. If you are in the market for a vacuum sealer this deal is unbeatable.
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    Sweet and Hot Smoked Almonds(Pics)

    I use a similar recipe, but with lots of Jack Daniels;-) Those look killer! I recently saw a site where someone was cold smoking almonds at 65 deg. Does cold smoking change the taste any? I hadn't thought of doing a cold smoke on nuts but am kind of intrigued. Sure works great for cheese and lox.
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    Some questions about my turkey smoke...

    What Raven and Dave said. Bone in Qs much better. I use boneless breasts for gift baskets because it's so easy to slice uniform, but it does not have the same taste.
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    Prime rib advice

    If you want to add an extra step that totally rocks your smokey flavor, you can slice it then flame grill for about 3 minutes per side. The grill marks add a good visual and it sears the meat well. That's my favorite method after smoking to 120 internal. I use white or red oak.
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    Taylor Thermometer

    I like the probe-on-a-rope, but the Taylor is by far the best I've had. No more Mavericks!
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    Look What I Just Bought For $50.00 off Craig's List

    I had the identical model when Joe Davidson (Oklahoma Joe's) built it before they sold it to New Braunfels. Now, here's the deal. IF that smoker is 10 years old, it could be an Okie Joes and there's a world of difference between those and the New Braunfels model. You will instantly know. If you...
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    Cleaning my CSG

    I found the greatest cleaner at The Dollar Store. It's called LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner, and does a better job than anything else I've used. I can't disclose the price though;-)
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    Southwest Turkey Soup

    Submitted by Clint Cantwell of SmokeInDaEye, 2008 New York State BBQ Champions, Southwest Turkey Soup is a great leftovers recipe and the way to stretch a few more morsels out of that turkey carcass.
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    Thanksgiving Recipes

    I have grouped together several published articles and a couple of new ones, including a recipe from the 2008 New York State BBQ Champions, in this Thanksgiving Recipes category. That link will take to to the following recipes:Easy brineHow to BBQ a perfect turkeyHow to BBQ a rib roast three...
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