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  1. mlrtym44
    Enjoying my time station in Japan and smoking as much as I have time. Beautiful land with great meat!
  2. Kristi V
    Kristi V
    So this site is just mouth watering so far. I cannot wait to dive in.
  3. Kristi V
    Kristi V
    "Be an original in all that you do."
  4. Gweeto
    Can I use cure#1 for my coppa, as I have read, or do I use cure#2 as I have also read? Any and all advice appreciated.
  5. ray1000
    ray1000 cjohnson3006
    Were is build has concrete reverse flow plate you put rebar in that how far apart thanks ray
    1. cjohnson3006
      I spaced rebar 2" off edge spaced at 12". Welded ends to smoker sides and tied where they crossed with tie wire
      Apr 23, 2018 at 8:48 PM
  6. Slinky
    Slinky from Indiana here, doing a pork butt today. Decided to freelance a little. Set for 225 and smoked it for 5 hours. I prepared it with
  7. remsr
    remsr bearcarver
    Hey there I am still having trouble with my bacon. It looks good smells great and taste good but it is tuff when I fry it up.

  8. ScottC543
    Learning how it's done
  9. ray1000
    ray1000 cjohnson3006
    you sure do some realy nice things is this vertical add on to the smoker with concrete reverse flow plate are you putting any insulation in this thanks for other reply on conrete ray
    1. cjohnson3006
      No. The front smoker is all open direct heat. Fired it up tonight and addition works flawless
      Apr 20, 2018 at 9:38 PM
  10. big eata 9
    big eata 9
    Stinking up the neighborhood.
  11. MGDenver
    Need advice for smoking a pork butt today that I need for Saturday
  12. ASmokersWhit
    Smoking ribs and hot links today!
  13. whiteysnapple
    I'm new. I'm not sure what to do with my hands
  14. John in Beaverton
    John in Beaverton gary s
    Hello Gary ,Bear said hello and that you might be able to help with some measurements for a reverse flow bbq
    I was wondering about the height of the grill above the baffle plate.
    John in Beaverton.
  15. Willoughby
    first brisket this weekend. bought a 6lb flat. It seems a little thin. Should I plan on smoking based on weight or adjust for thickness?
  16. John in Beaverton
    John in Beaverton bearcarver
    hello I'm new to this site not sure how it works but I'm building a reverse flow bbq and was wondering what the height of grill is above the baffle plate?
    1. bearcarver
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      Apr 17, 2018
  17. CoachJ2013
    Going to be smoking a 15# packer in two weeks!
  18. Hoodchef
    How do you post a question?
  19. Bodemc
    Can you use your Pecos smoker to just grill on?
  20. npgolfer
    Proven Northern Pit Master