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  1. nova1404
    what mod's are recommended for my Masterbuilt XL Propane smoker
  2. Derek717
    Derek717 smokin peachey
    Do you own Peachey's in Belleville?
    1. smokin peachey
      smokin peachey
      Nope. Do you go there often?
      Jan 21, 2019 at 11:45 AM
  3. BarbaraLynn
  4. camgatr
  5. Sean Wilson
  6. HalfSmoked
    HalfSmoked boykjo
    Not even planning on bringing the camper. Wife may also coe so we will get a motel.
  7. HalfSmoked
    HalfSmoked boykjo
    Not had a problem since back home runs fine. Things are doing ok . I really hope to make it to Scott's this year but have to wait and see. Will stay at a motel if we do come.
    1. boykjo
      I suggest you get a room or try to sleep in the basement with some cots. Scotts place wont handle a large camper like yours especially if its wet out.
      Jan 15, 2019
  8. HalfSmoked
    HalfSmoked boykjo
    Not good to follow me I get lost.

    I have a bear roast for the next gathering will be the last unles he goes hunting again.
    1. boykjo
      sounds good. cant wait. how are things. hows the truck
      Jan 15, 2019
  9. hoity toit
    hoity toit pineywoods
    I get a error message, and it thinks I want to start a poll. Going to try another Browser and see if it still does it. I am trying to post in MES users group.
  10. hoity toit
    hoity toit pineywoods
    I am unable to create a thread.
  11. JJs Meat Shak
    JJs Meat Shak john mclure
    John I’d love to talk to you about Cadillac Cookers aka
    Joey Adams.
  12. all about beef
    all about beef
    Bottom Round turned out Amazing thin sliced tender reminded me of a poor mans brisket.
  13. all about beef
    all about beef
    I am trying out Bottom Round Roast today. My question is do I trim off the fat on the side and why?
  14. donaltman3
    Firing up the smoker!
  15. pushok2018
    pushok2018 jimalbert
    Jim, I am interested in the process of your smoked bone in pork loin. Would you mind to share?Thank you!
    1. jimalbert
      Yup.... Give me a little bit and I will get it out.
      Jan 14, 2019
    2. pushok2018
      Sounds good, Jim. I'll wait....
      Jan 14, 2019
  16. Cynthia C. Ruf
    Cynthia C. Ruf
    How do you make cold smoked dry pork sausage? We used to make this as a kid and hung it in the smokehouse and smoked it for 2 weeks
  17. Marianne Kehr
    Marianne Kehr disco
    Hi Disco, was wondering after rinsing the bacon off and placing in the refrigerator is 24 hrs to long to dry the skin or get that tacky skin on it ?
  18. Tomtom2
    Tomtom2 Bearcarver
    Hi Bear, I am following your posts. They are great. I am a newbie.I just bought a 12" oval Amazin Smoker tube. I just read that you do not recommend it for cherry sawdust. What smallish smoker tray should I get? Also...what cherry sawdust do you buy? I use the smoken it #1. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    1. Bearcarver
      Thank You!
      Sorry for taking so long, but I rarely even look at these Profile Posts. I wish they'd get rid of them.
      I replied to you in the PM Conversations.

      Jan 15, 2019
  19. bill ace 350
    bill ace 350 Bearcarver
    Love your Dried Beef recipe. Cold smoked on Saturday for 12 hours, took it to temp Sunday, sliced Monday, took some and shared it at work today, vacuum sealed tonight. just finished a sandwich with kosher dills.... This was my second batch.
    1. Bearcarver
      That's Great !!
      Sorry for taking so long, but I rarely even look at these Profile Posts. I wish they'd get rid of them.
      I replied to you other places.

      Jan 15, 2019
  20. newsmokerky
    newsmokerky kruizer
    So, you use a probe to check doneness? I'm still a newby pretty much. When I smoked my first butt 5 years ago or so, the guys on here told me to do trust IT, not worry about time. You just use some kind of skewer and slide it into the heart of the meat? If it goes in like butter, you're good to go?