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  1. Th3ChiT
    Th3ChiT Qgallo
    Hey man.
    If your interested in the Lang smoker I have here’s my number. I’m looking to get it gone by Thursday as I’m headed out of town.

  2. HalfSmoked
    HalfSmoked foamheart
    Ha you following me you will get lost too I'm an old man who seems sometimes to lose his way.
  3. Mellowcheddar
  4. Joe Hart
  5. Whitetailhunter
    Married to my best friend and hunting/fishing partner. We both enjoy the outdoors and enjoy all that the lord has provided.
  6. Winterrider
    Winterrider Bearcarver
    Thanks for the reply, will try again.
  7. larrym
    A freedom not worth dying for is a freedom not deserved.
  8. Marek
  9. Jake Harris
    Jake Harris modstaff
    Quick question. I am new to posting on the forum and my last few posts say "Awaiting Moderator Approval". Just curious if you could point me in the direction of any Do's and Dont's when posting on the Forum. My apologies if I already broke the rules. Just a newbie trying to get started. Thanks in advance.
  10. Jake Harris
    Jake Harris
    Two brothers with a passion for quality BBQ on a mission to share our experiences with others.
  11. Ryder996
    Smoker meat beer music
  12. harves tees son
    harves tees son pops6927
    Hey Pops. Never messed with any bacon. Love to smoke meats though.
    What is your favorite bacon recipe?
    Looking to do some canadian bacon this weekend and belly bacon in a few weeks.
    I have a cookshack smoker. What temp do you smoke at? What internal temp do you go to?

    Thanks for taking the time to read! Look forward to your response.
  13. mig madness
    mig madness
    Double tank bbq smoker & grill coming soon!!!
  14. Smokin Tinman
    Smokin Tinman
    pitmaster: SmokinTinman BBQ Team Southern Illinois
  15. PAS
    PAS tjohnson
    Hi Todd, I have a MES and use it with your pellet tray and love it! A friend of mine wants to know if any of your products would work in his 29" River Grill offset smoker. Its charcoal fired and uses logs for smoke. He has to feed it too often!

    N.E. Ohio
  16. AP514
    AP514 tallbm
    hey where in TEXAS are you ?
  17. Mitch’s bitchin kitchen
    Mitch’s bitchin kitchen
    What a great Smokey weekend!
  18. NoSmokeNoSmile
    Anyone know a cure for a dynaglow charcoal/wood offset smoker that has gasket on the doors and still cant get below 300 deg?
    1. daveomak
      Start a thread with pictures of your smoker and firebox.. Doors and air inlets and exhaust, openings between the FB and CC also...
      Oct 8, 2018
  19. Winterrider
    Winterrider Bearcarver
    Bearcarver, I followed your step by step jerky recipe. After rinsing and patting dry slices, I followed very close to times and temps (Slight variance) your had posted. When dried, it seems like I lost all the flavor. The brine should have penetrated the meat after 22 hrs, but did I just end up washing all the flavor off? Kinda confused... Love the ingredients used!
    1. Bearcarver
      Sorry it took me so long. I very seldom check the "Profile Comments". If you want me, send me a PM (Start a conversation).

      Anyway---If you don't rinse them off they could be too Salty. Next time give them just a quick rinse & don't wipe them.

      Oct 15, 2018
  20. Willhe
    Lone Star Grillz 24 x 36