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  1. AParent4
    First time smoker here. Tried out smoke canyon vertical offset today. Could not get temp over 200. Tried chimney starters. Any advice?
  2. AParent4
    Need help. First timer. Can't get my offset smoker over 200 degrees. Used chimney starters. Using Smoke Canyon Vertical Offset Smoker
  3. ajmickey
    ajmickey modstaff
    Smoking a pig 60lb any advice
  4. Jim McDonald
    Jim McDonald
    Married, retired, now living in Ellsinore, Missouri.
  5. BBQDX
    BBQDX c farmer
    In purchasing a premier membership, can members place links in threads as they relate to the thread.
    Can you post links in classified ads?
    Also, can you place more than 1 link in your signature.
    Thanks you.
  6. daddymarvs
  7. BBQDX
    Looking to network with members with helpful suggestions on bbq accessories
  8. BBQDX
    Looking to network with members to assist members with bbq accessories.
  9. Nohner
    Smoked venison snack sticks this weekend and forgot the cure in one batch. Cooked to 150 degrees - is the meat safe to eat or not?
  10. Shelly7773
    Hi everyone ! Trying to figure out a name for my rib sauce ! Any ideas ?? It’s sweet , smoky with a little kick . Tomato based
  11. recoush
    AWESOME Smoke is Rising Higher and Higher :>)
  12. hoity toit
    hoity toit
  13. mikekevs
    Pro Chef, backyard smoker
  14. SpitfireBBQ
    Straight out of Bangalore, India | Director - Spitfire Foodworks Pvt Ltd. | Owner & Executive Chef - The Spitfire BBQ Truck & More!
  15. ajmickey
    Getting ready to smoke a hog any input on my reverse flow racing style
  16. Smoking Jimbo
    Smoking Jimbo
    Working so I can smoke
  17. Rings Я Us
    Rings Я Us dwdunlap
    ECB stands for El Cheapo Brinkmann
    That is a basic charcoal smoker a bunch of people had. Beginner model kind of. They are hard to use and people end up modifying them.
    They were mostly called Brinkmann Smoke n Grill.
  18. SmokinAl
    SmokinAl christaintaro1995
    No advertising allowed on here, so your posts were deleted.
  19. alelover
    alelover boykjo
    When are you off in May? I'm planning the 7th gathering.
  20. dwdunlap
    dwdunlap bearcarver
    Saw a couple of terms online today and tried to look up awhat they meant. CB i figured was Canadian Bacon. ECB still alludes me. I know somewhere on the site is a list of terms but I can't find it. Searching "terms" or "ECB" found a posts where the term is used (without definition) but no list. I'll bet newbies have the same problem. Could a button "TERMS" might help us with lingo.
    1. bearcarver
      Feb 12, 2018
    2. bearcarver