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  1. dannylang
    dannylang SmokinAl
    al was looking at your chicken forum you wrote and you said if anyone needs your chicken rub to contact you, so here I am, dannylang
  2. Mmattox929
    Southern style up north
  3. Jimbob Hughes
    Jimbob Hughes
    Jimbob's Best Butt Rub, coming soon!!!
  4. jonnysbbq
    I am beginning to build BBQ Cookers hope to have a demo unit done by Fall 2018
  5. Lewis313
    Lewis313 wade
    Hi Wade,
    I have been reasding your reviews on the callow smoker or (cook4all) and noticed that you said a new and improved version was due for release at the end of june, do you knwo if this is still the case and if so where I would be able to purchase one?
    I see thats there are some for sale on internet gardener website but I'm not sure if these are the most up to date versions.
    Thanks for your help :)
  6. Rings Я Us
  7. Oberski12
  8. mike smith
    mike smith
    Old guy, new smoker
  9. Seanbreweraz
    Professional chef, have been smoking for 5 years, currently on a primo.
  10. Arturo Sanchez Jr
    Arturo Sanchez Jr
    Still new to smoking but looking for some tips on possible overnight smoking on offset. 2 briskets and 2 pork butts. Thanks.
  11. Perfessor
    Masterbuilt 30" - Model # 20072215. App sucks - worked once in the 3 times I've used the smoker. (Only had it 3 weeks so far.)
  12. Little Debbie
  13. KeithLBPI
    Looking to do ribs for Sunday now.
  14. KeithLBPI
    New here... Smoked for the first time with brisket 4th of july. Tad dry but good. Bacon wrapped chicken last week. Delicious
  15. Mike Sheda
    Mike Sheda
    Try Smoking Meat, You'll Like it.
  16. hoity toit
    hoity toit
    Trying to decide what to make next.
  17. Ed B.
    Ed B.
    Old customer. Howdy to all!
  18. dstiltz
  19. jman57
    I signed up after seeing a great post for smoking fresh oysters.
  20. jman57
    Status is I love to prepare, smoke and consume smoked meats, jerkies, sausages, etc.