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  1. flash gordon m.d.
    is this intended to be funny? the translation is poor - the current AI in google translate would likely do a much better job. as it is, i agree with bregent that it reflects poorly on the site.
  2. smokin pastor
  3. C.D.
    Dave, I've used the calculator and most of the numbers look good but some don't seem quite right. I have a tank 30" x 150" and the calculator says the RF plate and the FB/CC opening sould be about 419 sq. in. That would make the plate way to...
  4. Bearcarver
    I remember this one from way back!! It's still one of my All-Time Favorites!:) Thanks Pops! Bear
  5. Rings Я Us
    Great refresher tutorial! Nice background and experience you have had.
  6. Ishi
  7. c9belayer
    I've been known to go on rants inside Whole Foods against the label "uncured bacon." No such thing! People look up, and then slowly back away... It's another example of rampant marketing within our great country that preys on the ignorant and...
  8. AndrewFlintoff
    I am using Smith Electric Sharpener and it is doing wonders with our knives.