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  1. Medicman440
    I know it January, but I have to get my smoke on. Doing some spare ribs today.
  2. Pamela Goins
    Pamela Goins
    Looking to learn much more about smoking. Very new to this bit absolutely love bbq'd foods.
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  3. HitManQ
    A brisket a day keeps the doctor away
  4. smokin cowboy
    smokin cowboy
    Using an OAKLAHOMA JOES offset stick burner.
  5. The Boerboel
    The Boerboel
    I would like to soak my brisket in Jack Daniels for a couple days, any suggestions or in put on this?
    1. Fade2Blacc
      Place this on the forums and not as your status, you may be able to get better help that way. Good luck
      Jan 15, 2018 at 9:10 PM
  6. prestonk08
  7. smokinsuds
    Everything tastes better with a bit of smokey goodness
  8. billyj571
  9. billyj571
    billyj571 smokinal
    Hay AL you had a recipe for smoked hamburger in chili a few years back you still have it I lost the copy u gave me.
  10. Monicaheninusa
    Happy new year 2018 ! Congratulation to everyone :))
  11. nmmel
    nmmel dirtsailor2003
    Is there a difference in Sirloin tip and Tri Tip?
  12. hank2000
    Down here in the boon docks we can’t always get the things that city folk can get. But we learn how to make do with what we can get.
  13. Sarex
    Complete beginner looking to try all things
  14. Rings Я Us
    Rings Я Us dscheibe
    Happy birthday.
  15. Robert. Broxterman
    Robert. Broxterman smokinal
    I'm look to find out the best way to get the smokey taste in a top serloin . And how long I should smoke it to get that taste.
    1. smokinal
      If you want more smoky flavor run your smoker at around 200 degrees & use a strong wood like Mesquite. Keep the smoke rolling until your meat is done. For med/rare you would be looking at an internal meat temp of about 135 degrees. So if you pull it out of the smoker at 130 & let it rest on the counter for about 10 minutes, it should bring it up to 135.
      Jan 11, 2018
  16. Robert. Broxterman
    Robert. Broxterman
    I'm new and looking to find info on how long it would take to get the smokey taste in a 12 pound top serloin. If anybody could help me?
  17. nmmel
  18. Troutslayer
    Not a newbie at smoking meat. Thx for the add
  19. Scott 321
    Scott 321
    Just tried bone in brest for the first time. They were good but cant wait to take so.e of the ideas ive seen here and do them again.
  20. buzzy
    buzzy bearcarver
    Do u have a ratio on the garlic & onion powder for dried beef. Have been making for years but just used Course grind pepper. It always turns out awesome but thought about adding more
    1. bearcarver
      Sorry Buzzy, I just sprinkle it on.

      I never measure those 3 things.
      I'd have to say completely covered, but not covered Thick, and usually only on one side---The side that's going to be up, when in the smoker.
      You can see how heavy in some of my Pics.

      This Link---Go to Pic "Ready for Over Night in Fridge:
      Dried Beef (Best Ever)

      Jan 9, 2018
    2. buzzy
      Ok THANKS. Getting ready to do 30# of venison dried beef. Ur recipe is awesome & appreciated. Been making for year an everybody loves it
      Jan 10, 2018