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  1. olypenaaron
    Great write up! Thanks for listing the options.
  2. backlashed
    Thanks for the gift. Sharing this keeps your dads legacy alive. Looks like you had a fabulous growing up!
  3. backlashed
    Better in what way? Are we talking factory farming that feeds the world and makes protein affordable to the masses, or organic, grass fed beef and free range turkey? Yes, there is a difference.
  4. jessicasandra
    To know, what is the difference between hamburger and ground beef? I think SmokeGears wrote a clear informative article about the topic.
  5. Glockers
    I'm assuming this was translated using Google? Pretty appalling translation...
  6. hoity toit
    I really enjoyed reading this., thanks. HT
  7. FBX
    Picking up a masterbuilt 30" electric smoker today after work. I will probably cure it tomorrow after work. Thanks for the how to. Can't wait!