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  1. undy
    undy SmokinAl
    1. SmokinAl
      Your very welcome!
      May 25, 2019 at 12:21 PM
  2. National Restaurant
    National Restaurant
    I'm a chef, I like to cook. I spend most of my time creating delicious food for everyone to enjoy. It is my job, my life
  3. undy
    undy SmokinAl
    Al- How long will pulled pork last in freezer? I have some from October and I am wondering if its still good to reheat or if I should trash? Thanks
    1. SmokinAl
      It will last indefinitely if your freezer is at 10 degrees or lower & the PP is vac packed. When I say indefinitely, I have had some in the freezer for 2 years & when heated in my SV, it tastes like it did when I took it off the smoker. Hope this helps.
      May 23, 2019 at 11:21 AM
  4. daveomak
    daveomak pineywoods
    Jerry, please check my account... Seems I'm locked out.. Can't do anything...
  5. billriker
  6. Silverado65
    New to the forums, my neighbor gave me a 13 yr old Traeger BBQ 075 it was a rust bucket. I ground all the rust off the inside and out.
  7. TexasBornTexasBred
    Anyone ever made burnt ends using the flat? I gravitate towards the lean side anyway and wondering if these would be any good.
  8. bbqforge
    love smoked foods
  9. Smoking Slab
    Smoking Slab
    Currently smoking brisket since 10:45pm.
  10. smoker1949
    smoker1949 Inkbirdbbq
    What is the difference between the two sous vide you are posting a 30% discount? One says Culinary Cooker and the other says Immersion Cooker. Please explain before I order. Thank you.
    1. Inkbirdbbq
      Hi friend,
      Our sous vide is Culinary Cooker with Stainless Steel Thermal Immersion Circulator.
      Here is the 30% discount code for it: RTUHUM2M
      Any other confusion please feel free to let us know.
      May 19, 2019
  11. SmokinSpartan
    need help, Creosote?
  12. sandyut
    Rec Tec RT-700
  13. mustafghan
    mustafghan motolife313
    Greetings good sir. Please give me some more detail/info. I can do measurements later today and let you know. Do you know how long something like this might take? I also want to use high-quality material cause I don't want to do this every day.

    I appreciate it, THanks again.
  14. Burgi57Chevy
    Burgi57Chevy Inkbirdbbq
    Hi there.... First- thank you so much!!! This is super exciting!!! I'm new, and cant find a place to PM you.... can you tell me where that is?
  15. Jonok
    not smoking as much as I should
  16. r2 builders
    r2 builders chilerelleno
    Hi Chilerelleno,
    I follow your recipes on this site and was wondering if you had a recipe for crispy pulled pork using Mexican coke cola.
    I want to use my offset for the recipe but all I can find is slow cooker recipes.
    Any thoughts?

  17. Drum&Que
    Hey y’all! I’m the proud owner of an OC Wrangler. I appreciate any advice and tips that can be given. God bless y’all.
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  18. Mark Krenn
    Mark Krenn donny88
    I like your build. Pretty sweet
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  19. mthole70
    New to the forum, new'ish to low and slow BBQ, looking forward to learning as much as I can from the forum
  20. bigtex52