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Why Join Smoking Meat Forums?

By TulsaJeff, Jun 27, 2013 | |
  1. SmokingMeatForums.com has been helping folks learn how to smoke meat since 2004. With nearly a million posts and more than 50,000 members, we have become the premier source for all things related to smoking meat including other related topics such as sausage making, bacon making, smoker building, dutch oven cooking and even gardening.

    Join Today!

    Questions are Answered Fast!
    That's right! When you ask a question here at SMF, generally they are answered very quickly and sometimes this can mean the difference between doing the right thing and making a huge mistake that could ruin the meal.

    As a member, you will probably start out by asking lots of questions and as you learn you will find yourself answering the questions of others as well. This cycle of learning and helping is what makes the system work so well.

    Member are grateful for the help they have received from others and they love to return the favor as their knowledge increases.

    Meet Other Meat Smoking Enthusiasts
    Probably the best part about being a member of SMF is the sense of community that is felt when you belong to the world's greatest meat smoking forum. You realize that you belong to a family of like-minded individuals who love smoking meat as much as you do and you'll feel at home in a way that can only be experienced.

    Join a Group
    We have specialty groups that have been started by various members where folks with a related interest or perhaps the same type of smoker can get together and talk.

    For instance, we have a group for Masterbuilt electric smokers so if you own that smoker, you will probably want to be a member of that group. You can learn best practices, tips, modifications, etc. for using that smoker by sharing information with other users.

    We also have groups for members in certain geographical locations and they often plan gatherings so they can get together on a predetermined weekend and smoke meat.


    We love to show off pictures of the food we have cooked in our smokers and in this contest, you can win prizes by sending in a picture of a certain type of food based on a common theme. Creativity and aesthetics play a big part in this contest and what's really great is that you get to eat your own entry once you take the winning picture.

    Make it All About You
    Once you become a member, you will be able to subscribe to the content you want to see, the people you want to follow, the groups you want to be a part of and set it up so that your activity feed only shows that content.

    It'll almost seem like SMF was made just for you!

    Speak Out
    Last but certainly not least, you can have a say in what products are great and which ones are not by taking part in product reviews. We have a huge database of product reviews created by our members and the more folks that have a say, the better the database becomes.

    Let your voice be heard and have a hand in helping others make wise and informed decisions when they get ready to purchase smokers and smoking equipment of their own.

    There is power in numbers and this raises the bar for manufacturers to improve their products and to exhibit exemplary customer service that is worth bragging about.

    It's Absolutely Free!

    You don't get too many things for free these days so when something this good is available for free, you should probably take advantage of it. We all love to smoke meat, we love to share what we know and we love to show off pictures of what we have cooked. As a free member, you can do this too.

    Join Today!

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  1. paprika pal
    The Membership and Management on Smoking Meat Forums are all willing and ready to help.  The BBQ and Smoking topics here are all worth reading and I typically learn a thing or two with each thread.  I have tried other BBQ sites but I find this one to be the most organized and user friendly. 
  2. up in smoke
    SMF is simply a wealth of Que info...absolutel invaluable!!
  3. disco
    I started smoking last fall. I bought a couple of books and got ok results but things really improved when I joined this forum. I have learned so much, my food tastes so much better and I love reading the posts everyday. It is like having a smoking news paper to read every day.
  4. pops6927
    I bought a smoker at Cabela's several years ago, and even with my commercial smoking experience, had to re-discover how to correctly smoke in this unit (key word, "correctly"!). I found SMF and it has provided me a world of information, plus given me an opportunity to pass on what I could to others, too! We all share in a kind and respectful manner, making this forum stand out above the rest!
  5. daveomak
    After joining, a few months later, I realized the recipes on this forum were tried and true... Made by members and tweaked to their liking.... Better than recipes in a book or on most web sites..... REAL recipes.... and you can talk with the cook too.... So I became a Premier Member ..... It was cheaper than most cook books and I knew the recipes were delicious.... What a bargain.... and it helps promote the site, and keep it up and running....