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virgin smoking attempt

By dave dave dave, Dec 21, 2011 | |
  1. Just got a new Electric Bradley Smoker with power bisquit feed for smoke, Wanting to do a whole turkey for Christmas dinner. Going to do a simple sugar and salt brine  for about 12 hrs. The more I read the more confused I become about temp, time how long to smoke , how long to cook, smoke the entire cooking time or just at early time? The sacrificial bird weighs just under 13#  Wanting to start out simple and then move on to some of the fancier stuff, it is about to drive me crazy!  Thanks, Dave Dave Dave

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  1. dave dave dave
    I am pretty sure that I saw this on the forum somewhere, But I just took a small amount of my favorite sausage formed it into a shape that would let me wrap a 1/2 slice of bacon around it and secure with a tooth pick then dribbled a little of my pork rub also from Forum on the top sat these on 1 of my smoker trays. I smoked these while I was doing a turkey and again just by themselves both times, those people that had them really enjoyed. I have done this same thing with store bought smoked sausage, but liked the raw sausage result best. I am horrible about times ,but would say the raw ones were in about 2 1/2 hrs at about 210*
  2. scrappynadds
    I to would like to here more about "pork candy"
  3. klosebbqsis
    Can you provide me with your pork candy recipe. Sounds interesting!!
  4. dave dave dave
    ronrude thanks for your help, the first bird turned out pretty good, have done some sausages and pork candy since, getting over the newbie jitters!
  5. ronrude
    Check the Bradly site for their recommendations. That is the fastest and easiest way when you do your first smoke. They won't steer you wrong.