I like to use a tented pan (or, in this case, for large volumes of meat, double mated foil steam pans) instead of foil wrap alone for 3-2-1/2-2-1 methods of cooking ribs, and also when finishing pulled pork, pulled beef, or beef brisket. HWen using foil, I have experienced problems with bones perforating the foil, causing those precious liquids to leak out into the smoker or the towel wrap while resting. I have used this for pork ribs, multiple butts for pulled pork, etc.

Begin by tearing-off 4 heavy duty pieces of foil about 4" each:

Smooth the pieces out, being careful not to tear them apart or cut your fingers/hand on the long edge...we'll want to hide this edge in a moment:

I creased and folded the strip in half:

Now, we'll crease and fold the cut edge, which we'll keep on the inside as the next crease/fold is completed:

All four, ready for the final step before sealing up the pans:

The strips are now creased and partially folded to approx. right angles (90*), keeping the cut edge inside of the fold for safety:

I finished the above steps in about 4-5 minutes prior to taking my meat out of the smoker to pan it up, so minimal cooking time/heat was lost.

The seam of two large foil steam pans, one inverted on top of the other, and the 12" x18" aluminum baking pan I will use to support the weight of the contents:

I placed the foil strips with the crease/inside of fold over the pan seam and crimped it snugly all the way on both long sides, then centered a piece on each end and did the same. I formed the end of the foil strip around the corners to overlap the side pieces.

Sealed-up safe & snug...this should hold the pans relatively tight and keep excessive amounts of steam/condensed water from escaping the pans:

Top view:

Into the Smoke Vault 24 to finish the cooking for the night:


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