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trouble with AMNS

By johnnyk, Jun 19, 2012 | |
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    I've had an amns for about 9 months. i can not keep it going when i use it in my MES. i have tried and tried. I have removed the chip loader and the chip box for better air flow, it still goes out. What can I do? i'm begininbg to think it's junk.

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  1. russg
    Well it is definatley not junk.
  2. chef jimmyj
    Follow the Directions to the Letter and it Fires up every time...I have Two and they are Amazing!...JJ
  3. cliffcarter
    It would be more appropriate if this was posted in the forum section.
  4. jbt1
    I have the MES 40" with glass window and the AMNPS. No problem at all using the water pan. I pull the chip tray out of the smoker and pull the chip loader out between 2 or 3 inches. I also leave the top vent wide open. The AMNPS goes to the left of the heating unit and sits on the two support rods. I use this method for both a cold smoke or hot smoke. Works GREAT!
  5. smokinsteven
    I have been having problems keeping the AMNPS lit. I've tried to smoke several times and it kept going out. I smoked 2 Boston Butts without water in the pan this weekend. I smoked them for about 6 or 7 hours. I left the chip tray out @ 2 inches and let the chip loader out @ 3 inches and placed a small fan blowing toward the chip loader. It worked great.
    I wonder if I could have used water with this combination. If anyone has tried this please let me know.
  6. tigerregis
    I followed the directions and it works as promised. If everything I bought was as good at delivering as this product has done, I would be extremely happy.
  7. frosty
    I have the MES 40" with glass window. I tent some aluminum foil over mine to keep drips out, but it sounds like it is starved for oxygen.
    I leave the top vent wide open and the chip loader out, and haven't had any problems.
    You might consider getting a cheap aquarium air pump to supplement the air introduced into the cooking chamber, you could fish it through the chip loader hole or down through the vent hole. Make sure you use 1/8" metal tubing, to prevent possible melting.
    Either way good luck! Keep trying.
  8. kwats4
    Are you getting dripping on the wood?
  9. katfacer
    Did you write Todd and ask him? I have never seen customer service like what he provides.