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Tony Chacheres Cajun Seasoning

By eman, Oct 30, 2010 | |
  1. This is the recipe for Tony Chachere's cajun seasoning in the green can that most of us use.

    1-26oz box of salt

    1-1/2 oz fine ground black pepper

    2 oz cayanne pepper

    1 oz garlic powder

    1 oz chilli powder

    1 oz msg (accent)

    Mix well and use like salt.

     when it's salty enough, It's seasoned to perfection.

    This is from Mr. tonys cook book  from 1972.

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  1. paula620
    I live in Southwestern Louisiana! You can cut the salt by adding more spices and less salt.. for no salt user's ..maybe a salt substitute or no salt at all! When I make my seasoning I leave out the accent/msg and use less then 1/2 of salt..substituting with onion powder and other spices too taste...black pepper etc..
  2. bapilot2
    Thanks! Does it really taste just like the store bought shaker can??? If so, then that is indeed a good one to know.
  3. mudd flapp
    to salty for me
  4. driedstick
    we put it on our fried spuds in morning - cant ask for anything better
  5. james parker
    I use Tony's Cajun seasoning, but be careful if you use it as a rub. Too spicy for some tender palates.
  6. smokefan
    Thanks , good to know.