I have a Cameron stovetop smoker which I utilize often in my Motorhome.   I went to Ranch Market and purchased a frozen octopus.  Thawed...rinsed...put in glass bowl...added coarse salt and massaged well for 5 minutes... this took slime off and tenderized the octopus.   I separated the tentacles from the body and put smoker on my gas range over the two back burners...added apple wood chips at edges of the smoker over the burners...turned gas on low...put tentacles and body into the smoker...set timer for one hour and enjoyed to aroma of the apple wood chips and the octopus cooking.   I have never done this before...opened the smoker and all of the tentacles and the body was smoked beautifully and done to perfection....tender and tasty.   I also purchased 1/2 taro root at the Ranch market....sliced about 1/4 inch thick...put ghee in cast iron pan....fried the taro until golden on both sides...  tomorrow I am having Smoked Octopus Taro toast for lunch.   I will slice some red jalapeño, ginger, green jalapeño and some black radish...add these to my pickled burdock (gobo) and warm up the taro "toast" and put smoked octopus and the vegetables on top for my lunch.   I love to experiment with different asian items too create healthy food for myself. I will also make a  cold soba noodle dish with the smoked octopus this week.   I will post photos tomorrow of the results.  Blessings, Anne