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Sausage Shelf Life

By smokinhusker, Nov 6, 2012 | |
  1. Provided by NEPAS (Rick)!

    Sausage Shelf Life

    Bologna and Frankfurters, unopened- -2 weeks1-2 months
    Bologna and Frankfurters, opened- -3-7 days- -
    Dry Smoked Sausage (e.g. Pepperoni, Jerky, Dry Salami), unopened1 year- -- -
    Semi-Dry Sausage (e.g. Summer Sausage)- -2-3 weeks6 months
    Smoked Sausage (e.g. Mettwurst)- -1 week1-2 months
    Smoked Breakfast Sausage Links, Patties- -1 week2 months
    Fresh Sausage- -1-2 days1-2 months
    Dry Smoked Sausage (e.g. Pepperoni, Jerky, Dry Salami), opened- -1 month- -

    Handling Tips: 

    Hot dogs can be boiled, broiled, braised, baked, grilled, fried, or steamed in beer or any other liquid.

    When cooking hot dogs or sausages, don't puncture them. (Use tongs, not a fork, to handle them.) Puncturing them results in some juices leaking out, and that makes the product tough and dry.

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