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Red Bell Pepper Rub Naturally Sweet And Mildy Spicy No Sugar

By forluvofsmoke, May 25, 2010 | |
  1. Brisket Rub, Naked Chicks Rub, Apple RBP Chicken Rub and RBP Pork Ribs are included...

    This basic rub is so simple, yet the flavors are a mildly-spicy and sweet combination. I've used mesquite, hickory, cherry, apple and pecan smoke with it so far...great flavors all the way. This just might be the all-around basic blend I've been looking for...if I could only have one dry rub, this is probably the one.

    Red Bell Pepper Rub

    ½ T Black Peppercorn, rough ground

    4 T dried Red Bell Pepper, rough ground

    2 T Kosher Salt

    1 T dried chopped Onion, rough ground

    1 T dried minced Garlic

    Pre-grind ingredients of a double batch (from top left in C/W orientation): dried 3/8" red bell pepper; kosher salt; minced garlic; dried/chopped onion; black peppercorn:

    After a rough grind of the red bell pepper, onion and peppercorn:

    Tossed together and ready for some meat:


    4 Tbls dried diced red bell pepper, coarse ground

    3 Tbls dried chopped onion, coarse ground

    2 Tbls dried minced garlic, medium ground

    2 Tbls black peppercorn, medium ground

    2 tsp thyme, med/fine ground

    2 Tbls rosemary, med/fine ground

    1 tsp oregano, med/fine ground

    1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

    2 tsp ground cumin

    2 tsp chili powder

    2 Tbls kosher salt

    ***all measures pre-grind

    (a couple hours into the smoke):


    4 Tbls coarse ground red bell pepper

    4 Tbls powdered light brown sugar (ground)

    1 Tbls ground rosemary

    1.5 tsp ground thyme

    1 tsp cumin

    1/2 tsp ground oregano

    1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

    1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

    1 Tbls ground black peppercorn

    1/2 Tbls ground garlic

    1.5 Tbls paprika

    1/2 Tbls chili powder

    2 Tbls kosher salt

    Apply a light to moderate coat of olive oil to the skinned/prepared bird, then apply dry rub. 

    ***measures pre-grind





    1/2 cup ground apple

    2 Tbls ground red bell pepper

    1/2 tsp ground sage

    2 tsp ground rosemary

    1-1/2 tsp ground oregano

    1/2 Tbls ground garlic

    1/2 Tbls ground black peppercorn

    1/2 tsp cumin

    1 Tbls parsley flakes, ground

    1 Tbls paprika

    2 Tbls kosker salt






    4 Tbsp ground red bell pepper, from dried 3/8" diced

    1 Tbsp ground garlic, from dried minced

    1/2 Tbsp medium ground rosemary, from dried leaves

    1 tsp medium ground thyme, from dried leaves

    1 tsp medium ground oregano, from dried leaves

    1 tsp chili powder

    1/2 tsp ground cumin

    2 Tbsp freshly ground black peppercorn

    1 Tbsp kosher salt

    2.5 hours into the smoke @ 210-215* with wet smoke chamber:

    4.25 hours into the smoke...switched to dry smoke chamber @ 3 hours in and raised chamber temp to 240-250*:

    5.5 hours and ready for dining:

    Here's my source for the Red Bell Peppers:


    You can also go through their local reps...check their site for where they are and who to contact.

    Thanks, and ENJOY!


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  1. papagrizz
    Looks great and awesome Q-view...I can't wait to give this a try...Thanks for sharing this Eric !
  2. lmci
    Eric, as always, your recipes look DE-LISH!!!
    I think I'm gonna break down (finally) and try the dried red bell pepper. I've fallen into something of a rut with brown sugar, chili powder, and a few other ingredients (whatever whim takes hold) and it's time to branch out. (Frankly, one reason I've settled on this simple rub is that many wind up far too spicy for my taste (and my wife's)!)
    Tomorrow I'm doing a Jamaican Jerk rub with similar sauce..., on a pork tenderloin. The rub I've used (spicy but tasty) but the sauce is a new concauction! Maybe I'll finally put a post here on my results.
    Thanks again for all the great recipes and info / insight into fabulous BBQ,
    Newport News, VA