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pot belly pig

By smoking shawn86, Sep 2, 2011 | |
  1. this may sound weird to some but i want to know can you eat a pot belly pig there are so many of them for free in our local penny saver so why pass up free meat

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  1. wyatt
    Classifieds, here I come...
  2. smoking shawn86
    man! you should have taken that little pig wee wee all the way home
  3. lugnutz
    Dang!! I saw one running out on the streets in town the other day. Guess I should have stopped and grabbed it.
  4. oldschoolbbq
    Well, I feel it's like eating your faithful Buddy , your Dog , again , like Solient Green:(=**
  5. swampmouse
    I am with Exhausted. While I have never eaten one, a pig is a pig is a pig. Fire up the smoker!
  6. exhaustedspark
    No do not feed Dogfood. It is to rich and you will just end up with a very fat pig.
    It is a lot cheaper to just by All stock and or Grain
  7. exhaustedspark
    I feed my PBP Scaps. Bread Lettuce apples. If you are raising one for food you can feed Alstock type of food. If for a pet you can spend even more $$ and by a special blend of food the petstore sells for Pot Belly Pigs. Regardless what you are raising it for. Just like a regular large pig you do not want to over feed.
    I Butcher and grind the whole pig as the hams and bacon would be on the small size. Most people over feed their pets so that is where you get to much fat.
    A Free pig and 50 to 60lbs of ground pig meat. That is a good deal and a whole lot easier then butchering up a 500 lb pig. As far as the meat tasting different no way. It is still just a pig.
    For adding to sausage and for making Breakfast you just cant go wrong.
  8. smokey charlie
    what do u feed a PBP if its a pet dogfood?
  9. exhaustedspark
    I just grind the whole thing up and make my sausage with it. Add it to hamburger for sandwiches and meat loaf and you will be hooked.
    No one could possibly tell the difference one it is ground. When i made ham they just thought it was a small pig.
    Yum Yum
    And the meat is Free
  10. oldschoolbbq
    Kinda reminds me of Soilent Green (YUK):(-