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Pork Contamination is a Major Problem - Food Safety Tips

  1. This made headlines in the news and Chef JimmyJ started a thread on it.

    Here you go Folks one more reason to be Extremely careful handling Pork to avoid Cross-Contamination, keeping Raw Pork under Refrigeration until it goes in the Smoker and Smoking at proper temperatures, 225*F or higher to reach Internal temps in excess of 145*F. Read on and stay Safe...JJ




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  1. ssfantasea
    Sure wish I could learn to type and spell
  2. ssfantasea
    Oh boy, here I go again with the "Danger Zone" Next time I'll try the Twighlight Zone. I wonder if ET's like to smoke? Neverminnd that was too muvh to think about.
    Tonght a smoked pork 5 lb smoked pork roast.
    I cut several little slits in it and put garlic cloves. Then I tookd sour oranges,siracha, worstershire, onion powder, sage, chili peper and a touch of cayenne. Sure wish I had just a pinch rosemary or fennel. Just came froim the store and the traffice is awful. This will have to do. I'tt try to remeber to take pictures this time,
  3. austinl
    This study was only done on ground pork and pork chops.