This is my micro smoker. It starts with a piece of brake line and moving up, brass fitting through martini shaker cap, martini shaker with wood chips, holes are punched into the bottom (top) of the shaker. Next is a soda can with the ends cut out- this allows some cooling and moisture condensation in addition to mating the two shakers together. Inside of the upper shaker (smoking chamber) there is a stainless screen. The screen is a standard sink drain screen available in any hardware store. Above the screen is the food. To date I have only smoked three things, pepper corns, garlic and coarse sea salt. It works perfectly on these items.

There is an aquarium pump attached to the brake line out of view. 

I am working through some thought that very small smokers might make sense for some people, my high rise dwelling daughter for instance. She might like having a smoker the size of a toaster oven and the ability to smoke just a couple of pieces of salmon or a small quantity of jerky. I have a couple of little convection ovens that I am playing with. It turns out that they  have a setting to dry food and some other handy programming features.

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