Same concept using two different types of mailboxes. 

Standard mailbox mod from Chris Blunck and a flat mailbox mod from Da Maxx - Thank you!


I was having difficulty on hot smokes due to the proximity of my AMNPS to the burner, the pellets would burn up prematurely after only 4-5 hours.  When doing cold smokes, I was getting to much temp rise using pellets which is not a good thing while cold smoking salmon.  So I came up with a solution I call the Mail Box mod.

Since doing this MOD, my burn time has Tripled on Hot smokes.  I am now getting over 14 hours of  TBS smoke from a single tray of pellets.  When doing Cold smokes I get absolutely no temp rise, since my smoke source is now separate from my smoke chamber.  Total cost was just over $20.00 at my local Home Depot.

The mailbox has plenty of holes in the floor of the box used for mounting purposes. These holes seem to provide ample intake air for the smoke generator (AMNPS).


Here's picts of the Flat mailbox mod.

And the box.

So I loaded up a row and a half. I removed the chip tray from inside the smoker. Left everything else. Worked fine. Smoke the entire time.