I have been researching wireless thermometers for a while and based on the feedback from the forum went out and bought a ET73 so I could monitor my smoker while I was doing other tasks around the house.

I was not real happy with the range of the unit at times it was 20-25 feet. Convinced that it should actually preform as advertised I returned it to the factory for repair. Shipping and insurance was $10 and turnaround was 2 weeks. They did replace unit with another which worked about 5 feet further.

I thought they may have included a new set of probes for my aggravation, but were not included in the package.

I had seen a post for a receiver mod and then stumbled upon a transmitter mod, and figured what do I have to loose.

I figure it does not work now as a wireless, and if I break it I would buy something different.

A few notes.

Read both links thoroughly. In my preliminary test I was able to get readings from inside my brick garage to inside my brick house about 50 feet away, 100 percent better than before.

I am sure this will void your warranty, if you are unsure of what your doing, ask around until you find someone who can do it.

I took the board out of the face, when you do that the LCD display falls out. This is one of those oh sh*t moments. I think the mod can be done with out removing the 4 very tiny screws that hold the board in.
If you do remove the board make sure the LCD and little foam pad stay with the cover and line the board back up put all 4 screws in before tightening them up.

The transmitter solder point needs the circuit board to be scratched up to remove a protective coating. I then "tinned' it and soldered the wire on.

I used solid copper wire (like the wire in a motor windings) then covered it with heat shrink tube.

I think both modifications took be less than an hour from finding all the tools to clean up.

Transmitter Mod




Receiver Mod


Post or PM me if you have any questions, I will look back after the Bears Packers Game .