Here is some links to on-line suppliers for high temp wire in 3 individual 5 foot cut lenght. The 12 AWG wire can be hard to find locally sometime. 

or by the foot 

pic of the side by side comparison of the factory 16 gauge high temp wire and the 12 gauge high temp wire.

Notice the strand count on the different gauges.There is a big difference.

Maybe using the 12 gauge is Little overkill but the again i only wanted to do this once.

Here is the specs on the Ma 12 Guage wire 600 Max Volts, Max Temperature 400ºF to 200ºC. 12 gauge UL Style 3074, CSA Type SEW-2.

pic of the Female flag push on high temp connectors i used.

High temperature push-on terminals are constructed of steel plated nickel.

Rated for continuous operating temperature of 482° C (900° F), intermittent rating of 649° C (1200° F).

The rings for the ground wire are made up of the same high temp steel plated nickel.

Side by side comparison completed wires with the new connectors crimped on and ready to install.

Notice I made the new wire 2 inches longer to allow for more play.

This is the factory 16 gauge wire. Their all black except the Green wire is used for the ground.

This is the new 12 gauge wire.

I used the white wire for the ground and the red wire for the connection from the heating element to the lower power control board.


Pic of the back of the MES with the old wiring installed before I removed it.

pic of the new wire installed on the back of the MES.

I had to take the connection box covers off and remove the grommets in them to get the wire threw.

I was able to do this with the new connectors installed on the 12 gauge wire.


Close up of the new wire push on end connectors installed on the heating element before the connection box cover where installed.

I used the white wire for ground wire.

 Close up of the new wire push on end connectors installed before the connection box cover where installed.

This is the Snap-Action Thermostat on the upper Right hand side of the MES (looking from the back of the unit)

The new white ground wire installed on the lower bottom back side of the unit.

The other side of this white ground wire goes to the ground in between the heating element leads.

The green ground wire you see is from the power cord.


This is the lower power control board.Located under the MES with all the new connections and wire installed.