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[h3]Related Media/Links:[/h3][h3]Troubleshooting/Known Issues: Many have complained of substantial heat loss due to the less than ideal lid design.[/h3][h3]How To: For less than $50 in materials and an hour of free time, you can correct the heat loss issue resulting from a gap in the back and along the lid. Purchase 80" of 3/4" stove gasket from your local fireplace/heat stove retailer, as well as a tube of heat resistant gasket cement. Remove the lid. Beginning on one side, install the gasket on the inside lip of the lid, being careful to form it around the contours. Continue along the back and around the opposite side. Finish with some black BBQ/heat resistent spray paint and the heat loss problem is taken care of[/h3][h3]Related Items and Accessories:[/h3]
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