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Knife Sharpening System

By pops6927, Jan 10, 2013 | |
  1. Rich Hansen posted on facebook about keeping his knives sharp, and I asked him what the tool beside them was:

    Rich Hansen
    All my kitchen knives are shaving sharp for once.



    ..and I asked him what the tool was he used, and said it was Work Sharp WSKTS system, available on Amazon, Northern Tool, its own website,and several others at varying prices, but median price of $69.99.  Here's a description:


    The Work Sharp WSKTS is an innovative abrasive belt sharpening system that combines flexible premium abrasive belts and precision sharpening guides with speed and ease to give you the sharpest blades with professional results. The sharpening guides are purpose-built for kitchen and outdoor knives (hunting, pocket, fillet, etc.), as well as scissors and serrated knives. The Knife & Tool Sharpener can also be used for many other sharpening tasks such as garden pruners, lawn mower blades, shovels and countless other bladed shop and garden tools. U.S.A.

    • Patented belt technology conforms to the shape of any blade
    • Sharpens not just straight bladed knives, but also curved knives, tanto blades, fillet knives, serrated knives, gut hooks and virtually any other shape of knife blade
    • Sharpens other common tools including scissors, axes and hatchets, mower blades, garden shears, shovels, and most any tool with a blade
    • Can be used to debur cut metal
    • Uses precision angle sharpening guides to ensure that you get the proper angle every time
    • Includes two guides: a 50° guide for hunting and outdoor knives (25° per bevel) and 40° guide for thinner blades and kitchen knives (20° per bevel)



    You can sharpen all kinds of items as it says above, and it is the nearest thing to what I am accustomed to in a professional meat shop:

    This is also a belt system, and designed primarily for meatcutting/chefs' knives, not lawnmower blades or hatchets, lol!  But, it also goes for $579.99 too!

    I would consider this as the  go-to  machine for knife sharpening, and will order one ASAP, probably from Amazon or Northern Tool!

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  1. brianbray
    I use a power file from Harbor freight on the RARE occasion that I need to do more than bring an edge back. I do run a couple of swipes with the little ceramic "pocket sharpeners" that come with filet knives or are available from Fiscar, Gerber, and others for a couple of bucks.  
    I use one every time I  wash a knife to put it away. If you are not abusing the knife and it is decent steel, there is no reason to grind it more than once in a blue moon. The key is to get your bevels straightened out, and then keep it sharp.
    Use a proper plastic cutting board or wood, don't scrape with the blade and don't let it rub on hard stuff like other knives. 

    Everybody wants to sell you a gadget! I have bought lots of then, including the Lansky. If you live close by I will give you one of those. Also the diamond Chef's vibrating sharpeners... two stored in the garage I think.
    Grandpa took me into his shop and taught me to make knives, temper steel, and sharpen. I have a couple of expensive chef's knives, but I got over the mystique and now I have a drawer full of decent stainless blades, most of which I have picked up at thrift stores for about $2 each. When I get them home I grind out any nicks with a bench grinder and then put on a uniform bevel. Then I use the belt file and finish with ceramic. I put them in the dishwasher all the time. I let my family use all of them. Every knife is always sharp. It does not have to be rocket science.
  2. wiseguy
    Tried & true Lansky.
  3. electriclew
    I use the AccuSharp 001; $8.85 from Amazon. Cook's Illustrated magazine/America's Test Kitchen just rated it the best manual knife sharpener available, though it will NOT take out nicks. But for keeping a razor-sharp edge on a good blade, this thing is cheap, safe, and stupidly easy to use. Four strokes through it puts a great edge on my knives; I can do my whole block in five minutes. I taught my mom how to use it in two minutes; it's impossible to use it wrong. I've been buying them for friends and family.
  4. roger shoaf
  5. snuffy51
    ive got a werk sharp unit and it is one of the best things ive ever found to sharpen knives and with a price that wont break the bank! all my knives, hunting and house holds are shaper than they ever have been.