Hi every one. I was going thru my recipe box and I came across the the Kielbasa recipe that my mother used when I was a kid. I used to help  to help her cut up the old hogs and get things ready for the grinder. I had the important job of cleaning the casings. Back then you could get your own casings back and clean the yourself. Any way I thought I would pass it on. I grew up with this recipe so you know I'm going to say its good. here goes.

11 1/4 lbs. of lean pork, coarsely ground

6 1/2 lbs. of lean beef, coarsely ground

3/4 cup of salt 

1 cup of rubbed marjoram

1 teaspoon of pepper 

4 cups of luke warm water

2 teaspoons of Garlic salt

The preparation  begins the night before the kielbasa is made. soak your casings in cold water overnight.

Mix all the ingredients,except the water, and let it stand over night. The following day add the water and mix well.

Stuff the casing and as the sausage is formed prick the casings to prevent bubbles from forming.

Well thats it. I hope some one tries it and lets me know how they like it.


I think on the pepper and garlic salt that it should be table spoons instead of teaspoon.