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Keeping A Smoking Log

  1.  '                                               Keeping A Smoking Log'

      A while back there was several Logs for BBQing,I have to yet find them again.

    However,I will endeavor to explain the routine. A Header will look something like this:

    Time/date weather    Meat     IMT(pre)   Cooking temp.    fuel/amt.   adjustments     IMT(end)    comments




               On and on;I'm sorry but I have no capability to make charts...:)- you should have the idea.

    This is a great way to keep track of your Smokes and mistakes youmay have made, thereforer youcan correct them next smoke.A simple spiral notebook does great,looks good and will help you become a better BYC;}-

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  1. smokedreams
    I just printed off several copies and made my first bbq binder. I found it at amazingribs.com, and it's called Meatheads Cookinglog.
    Great advice, THANKS!