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How To Upload Images To The New Smf Format

  1. Adding Images To The New SMF Format...

    Adding images to your post has never been easier.  If you follow these instructions you can add images directly from your computer or from image hosts  like Photobucket...

    Prepare your post as usual and insert the images as outlined below.

    Open The Reply Box and Type Your Post.


    To Insert Images Follow These Instructions...


    Next If Uploading From A Site Like Photobucket...


    To Upload Directly From Your Computer...


    If you have followed these instructions you should now have your images in your posts.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will try to help you.

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  1. jsk53
    It is now 2019 and it doesn't work this way. Been trying to do a Qview for an hour and the new website format doesn't seem to work very well adding images.
  2. jaybone
    Only able to post photos intermittently. Have never been able to post more than 1 photo.
  3. bownutrob
    I am having same problem Rich and AlaskanBear are having?? Really enjoy the site....
  4. alaskanbear
    This is the very reason I am here also, Rich--Cannot get them in order or have text between them--BUT, I am illiterite when it comes to these fan-dangled computers..
    Another RIch
  5. rich-
    I have done as it says here to do, My problem is getting several pictures in the order that I want them in.