How to Post a New Thread.

This is a tutorial to show new members how to post a new thread in any forum here on (SMF)

I am going to use the "Roll Call" forum just for an example because we would like all new members to post an introduction here so we can give you a big warm welcome.

At the top of every screen there is a toolbar with quick links on it. You will see "Home", "Forum", "Smokers and More", "Photos",  "Groups", "Articles" and "My Profile".

From the quick link "Forum" you can access all the different forums and sub-forums on SMF. There are two ways to do this. First you can just place your cursor on the word "Forum" and left click.

This will take you to the forums page. Here you can access all the different forums on SMF by scrolling down with the scroll bar on the right of the screen.

You can left click on any of the forums listed to go into that forum.

Another way to get to the different forums is to just hover your cursor over the word "Forum" in the quick link toolbar. This will open a drop down menu with all the forums listed. If you slide your cursor down that menu a sub-menu will open to the right with all the sub-forums listed. You can slide your cursor over to the right and left click on any forum you want to go into.We are going to click on "Roll Call" for this example.

Now you are in the forum where you want to post your new thread. If you scroll down you will see all the threads in that forum listed in descending order by the most recent post made first. To start a new thread just place your cursor on "Start a New Thread"

This will open the "Editor" screen where you can post your new thread. There is a place for you to give it a title, the title will be visible in the list of all the threads in the forum where it was created. Then there is the body area where you can type what you want to put in your thread. There is also a toolbar at the top that you can use for different things like formatting your text, adding a photo, adding an emoticon and even a spell checker.

After you have written what you want in your new thread just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see two buttons in the lower right corner. You can "Preview" what your thread will look like once it gets posted or if you are happy with it just click "Submit" and it will be posted for you.

If after you post your thread you notice that you forgot something or wanted to add a photo or change the title you can go back in and edit your thread. At the top of your thread just under the title you will see some thread tools, one says "Edit Thread" and has an icon that looks like a pencil.

If you left click on "Edit Thread" it will open your first post so that you can makes changes to the title or the body of that first post. After you have made your changes just scroll down and click the "Submit" button to post.

If you need to make any changes to any other posts you have made you can edit them also. In the lower left corner of your post you will see four icons.

If you place your cursor on the one that looks like a pencil it will say "Edit This Post" and if you left click it your post will reopen and allow you to edit it.

You can edit any post you make on any thread but you can only edit threads you created. 

Now that you know how to post a new thread you can get active on the forums and join in all the great fun we have here!