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How To Embed an Image Into Your Post

  1.  A feature our full text editor has is the ability to "Insert Image", or embed an image into your posts so others can see it immediately vs. having to click on a link.  It is not hard to do, please allow me to show you:

    You start off with the full text editor:

    Then, you select the "insert image" icon on the menu:

    Click on that, and it brings you up to this box:

    (of course, those are images I have selected to imbed)

    Then you select Upload Files, and that will take you to your computer, you can change directories as you wish to find the file or files you need to embed)

    This is where I placed your files on my computer:

    I selected one (or you can select several, hold down the CTRL key and click on multiple ones):

    Then it goes to the image size box:

    select your size and hit Submit, and {poof!} your image appears!




    And, that is it!  Hope this makes your posting more enjoyable!

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  1. oilheatme
    Thank you for this tip
  2. bbq beginner
    thats the exact smoker i have
  3. wa0auu
    THANKS ! I am going to try it again.  I will just tell you the truth, I am an old fart, did not grow up with a computer.  I am      only    an electronic engineer!